Friday, 23 November 2012

Strong is Sexy Shout Out #2

Lots of folks are getting Strong and Sexy this week. And I am so so PROUD of all of them!

Sending a #StrongisSexy Shout Out to Jen, who did her first unassisted pullup at Crossfit! Totally Badass! As a girl who is new to Crossfit, and needs some seriously assistance from the band, I definitely know how hard that is. WAY TO GO!

Alex from Addicted to Running placed 5th overall in Cochise County Cycling Classic 49miler. He rode a 24.3 mph pace and finished strong at 2:01:06. He also found out he made 1st Lieutenant! Both of these AMAZING accomplishments are Strong and Sexy! Congrats!

Huge Congrats to Jess from Truly Jess who finished her Clean Restart program just in time to look Strong and Sexy on her beach vacay! You look confident, strong, and adorable as always! Enjoy the sun and sand girlie! WERK IT!

And Meg from A Dash of Meg has been working hard with her trainer at the gym. She set a new PR for reps on Dead Lift Day, which is pretty Strong and Sexy in my books. Way to go girlie!!

One of my running buddy favourites Pavement Runner is gearing up for The North Face Endurance Challenge! That's right, he is planning to run 50 miles on December 1st! Which sounds both horribly terrifying and super strong. Sending you all sorts of positive racing vibes and magical running sparkles to carry you through! Because running 50 miles is very Sexy!

Hope you guys are having a great week! Have a Strong and Sexy weekend!

I love hear what you are up to and all about your progress. So don't be shy about sharing your success and join the fun! Let me know what you did this week that Strong and Sexy!

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Let's do this people!
          Because Strong is Sexy and being Healthy is Fabulous!
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