Monday, 5 November 2012

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Alright Friends, This Is It!

It is Week #1 of our Strong is Sexy Challenge. It is time to get our sweat on, feel the burn, and pump that iron! Are you ready?!

I am not gonna lie, I am slightly terrified. This is going to be my first full week of strength training...ummm...EVER! So I know it is going to hurt so good, and I will be longing for that rest day come Saturday.

Crossfit did not disappoint this morning. Today's WOD definitely brought the pain and humbled me. I can still only do "Girl" pushups, while I work on rebuilding my chest muscles. And I can currently only lift the 35 lbs. bar that is technically meant to be used to put weights on. And even with those modifications I still felt like I might toss my cookies after it was all over. UGH! If ever my cardio queen weakling status was more apparent, it was this morning.

But everyone starts somewhere. And this is my starting point. 

This challenge is all about pushing yourself Harder. Learning to train Better. All while making our bodies Faster and Stronger. Because Strong is Sexy and Healthy is Fabulous!

So it is time to get after it, and finally learn how to make friends with weights.

This week's schedule: 
Monday - Crossfit 
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Strength Training (upper body/core) and 4km Tempo Run
Thursday - 5km Run
Friday - Crossfit 
Saturday - Rest 
Sunday - 8km Run

If you all want to join in the fun, all you have to do is commit to
3x Strength Training Sessions
3x Cardio Sessions
Both in any form you choose.

Come visit us on Facebook and share your Strong is Sexy Workout Plans for this week and we can help keep each other accountable and on track. And don't forget to use the #StrongisSexy hashtag for your sexy workouts and eats this week!

Let's Do This!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,