Thursday, 22 November 2012

Crossfit Musings and Misadventures

  • Crossfit Musing 1: It has been 3 weeks and I still feel like a total newbie whenever I walk into class. We are always doing something new and different. I have yet to repeat a workout and it is always hard (*in a good way*)
  • Crossfit Musing 2: I succeeded in doing my first Double Under! (Double Under = skipping, and getting the jump rope to do 2 full rotations in 1 jump). But I can only do one... working on it...
  • Crossfit Musing 3: I finally added weight to my bar! I split jerked 65lbs! So I am gonna go ahead and call that a WIN!
  • Crossfit Musing 4: I really like kettlebells! Who knew?!
  • Crossfit Musing 5: I am still such a weakling. Pullups and Ring Dips require some serious assistance from the band. And even with the band it's hard! I'll get there eventually though.
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,