Thursday, 11 October 2012

What's in your Gym Bag - Marathon Edition

Oh goodness gracious! My very first Marathon is just right around the corner. So this week is all about prepping for the BIG DAY! And I am sure you are all wondering... What's a gal to wear to her Marathon debute?!

Here is what I have in mind. Here is my Outfit of the Day.

My Marathon Gym Bag?

The Race Day forecast is not looking so great...Right now they are calling for rain and cooler temperatures. Running 42.2 km is tough enough, so I don't want to add feeling cold and wet into the mix. My wardrobe choices are all about layering.

On my Body: Indigo Melange Arm Warmers, Big Run Long Sleeve Tee, and Oiselle Zip-Up
On my Head: I have a toque packed just in case, but I am planning to rock my Sparkly Soul Headband

I have also packed a whole bunch of water, gels, and fuel. Running this kind of distance means that snacks are necessary along the way. The last thing I need is to bonk or to DNF, so being prepared is key. I plan to refuel every 45 minutes to keep my energy levels high, and hopefully hit my goal time.

My bags are pack. And it is Race Kit pickup tomorrow. We are almost there friends!

Am I missing anything?!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. Replies
    1. I have it packed! I am going to put one on each calve!

  2. Maybe a hat you can throw away? I always get so hot when I run

  3. Looks like you've got it all covered!! So excited for you. You're gonna rock that thing!!

  4. Hi Lady!
    I am oh-so-very excited for you!! I ran my first full on 10-10-10, just over two years ago!! The biggest advice I could give you is to have FUN. Which I know sounds so lame, but enjoy every moment of it start to finish. The actual race is the celebration of the whole marathon process.

    Oh, and, my absolute favourite thing to watch for while running is runners seeing their loved ones - it's seriously incredible to see the wave of energy a tired runner can get from seeing someone they know - watch for it. It'll make you cry and smile - I swear

    Also, have a plan to see Jamie and friends. Know EXACTLY where they'll be. I saw my family 5 times on Chicago's course and it made my race.

    Have three goals. A, B and C. So even if you get C, perhaps it's simply "to finish," you'll be happy. Anything can happen on race day, so remember this one race doesn't define how strong you are, and there are always more races and runs. BE SAFE!

    There is NOTHING in this world like crossing the finish line of your first marathon, so take it all in, know that you did the work and made the time.

    Your race list looks good (here's a link to my 1st one ( --> I'd say where's your body glide? Imodium? garmin? Also - I've run all of my marathons with a disposable camera, which made it fun!

    I'll be running Melbourne's half marathon on the same day (although technically your Sat night), but will be thinking of you!

    OHHhhhh, and remember it's the Friday night before that carb loading is the most important and that you need to SLEEP!! I ran Las Vegas on about 2 hours of sleep as I was so nervous, but had rocked an awesome sleep Friday which saved me.

    So much LOVE coming your way! And a HUGE congratulations on everything xoxox

  5. Looks like you have most everything you'll need for the race, but if it does rain - definitely pack extra shoes/socks to avoid keeping wet feet after you become a marathoner! :)

  6. I just love these "what's in your gym bag" posts... and your outfit! Very cute! Good luck on your first marathon!

  7. You're so efficient! I need to get organized soon too! Looks great!

  8. I'm so impressed you're packed already! I'm such a last-minute packer. I'm also so excited to hear how it goes. I know you'll rock it!

    I second the extra pair of shoes and socks for after the race. I hate that wet feet feeling.

  9. My first marathon was 40°F (4.4°C) and it rained almost the entire time. It wasn't raining at the start of the race and everyone around me began shedding layers, I panicked thinking I should, too. Thankfully, I didn't shed anything because 30 minutes in, it began pouring and didn't stop for the remainder of the race. If it isn't raining at the start of the race, don't shed your layers too soon. You've got this! It will be an amazing experience - enjoy it regardless of weather because you'll never have another first. Good luck!

  10. You definitely, absolutely, must have your name on your shirt! Nothing better than having random strangers cheer you on. As for others, I'd recommend a cheap hoodie or old sweat-shirt from a thrift shop that you don't mind tossing aside AND put a spare pair of running socks in a ziplock bag in your camelback. If it rains, they will be a lifesaver for blisters.

    And have a rocking fun time!

  11. For rainy runs, I usually bring a hat with a visor to keep the rain out of my face. If that doesn't bother you, though, then rock that sparkly head band!

    Good luck!

  12. Looks like you're all set-- I'm so excited for you! Jealous of your weather, though. :( I'm running a ten mile race on Sunday and the high is 90 degrees, ugh!

  13. Laura said what I was about too LOL - you look like you're covered. I would bring a dry top to change into after the race. So even if you're not wet from rain, you'll be wet from sweat and want to get out of that quick! Absolutely can't wait to hear about the race!!!

  14. I'll second the motion on Body Glide... easily forgotten since it doesn't show! Best of luck!

  15. Body Glide!!!!! I put some on BEFORE my half and forgot to pack it. big mistake, by mile 8 it had sweat off and I had some lovely chafing under my arms as a result.

    also maybe salt tablets? Although a lot of marathons will have them at the aid stations!

    EEEEE so excited for you