Monday, 8 October 2012

Motivation Monday - One Day

This is it! This time next Monday I will officially be a Marathoner! GAH! T-minus just 6 days until Marathon Glory! This week is all about tapering, rest, carbs, and hydration!

So let's get PUMPED! In everyone's favourite musical fashion! I realize that LMFAO's One Day is likely about hooking up with some chick, but bear with me here, I think it works....

Sipping on this drink, have some time to think. About where I was, and where I'm at today.
So the drink I am sipping on, is...Water. I am all about Hydration this week.

But it is crazy to think that just a few months ago I was running my first half marathon and was getting ready to go under the knife. And now here we are just over 6 months later gearing up for my first Full Marathon. It has been a pretty epic 6 months. I toasted the ta-tas, got a shiny new robot heart, recovered from surgery, ran 5 races, PRed my second half marathon, and trained for my first full.

I have come a long way.

I got everything I want, but you. I might get you one day, I might get you one day

It has been a tough year. But we are almost out the other side. I have everything I have ever wanted. A great life, an amazing and supportive family, and my health. So this is it. I just need that Marathon Glory. And I am going get you! Sunday is the day!

And when it get ya, imma celebrate. Imma celebrate! imma celebrate! I'm gonna celebrate, cuz I'mma get you one day

And Sunday when I cross that finish line - after I am done crying tears of joy and collapsing with sheer exhaustion- I am gonna CELEBRATE! I am going to celebrate my life, my health, my body, and this year!
Genetics has an iron clad grip on my body, but not my spark. And crossing that finish line on Sunday means that genetics is no longer my definition. I will be a Marathoner - defined my strength, determination, and perseverance. I will reclaim my body and my life.

So Let's Do This People! Let's run 42.2km and say a good an final F**k You to Genetics! Ready?
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,