Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lies, Lance, and LIVESTRONG

Ah Lance! Say it isn't so?!

The jig is up and I am just so sad.

If you spent anytime with me over the past 4-6 months Lance probably came up, and I was the one fiercely defending him, his career, and his achievements. In fact I was more than a little obnoxious about it on several occasions.

So why was I so fiercely loyal to Lance?

It is not because I am a bicycle enthusiast (in fact I don't even own a bike at the moment). It is because as a Darwinian Fail, this man inspired me.

Lance is the original Darwinian Fail. Dire cancer diagnosis, horrible odds, a terrible treatment schedule and then the man comes back to win it all! And to win it all 7 times! There he was a shining example of sheer strength and determination. 

His body challenged him and he challenged it right back! He fought the war against his body and he won! He said "Livestrong", we were all there chanting and cheering it along with him.

I wanted so badly to believe in this man,  his message, and his journey... So reading all that damning evidence last week was a blow.

There is no doubt about it. Lance lied and he cheated.

But his message... "LIVESTRONG" - there is still a whole lot of truth in that.

We Darwinian Fails have not been genetically blessed. We will have to battle our genetic shortcomings, face dire diagnoses, and adapt to complications we never saw coming. But we will adapt! We will persevere! We will challenge our bodies with sheer will and determination, and we will win!

We will beat cancer! Our bodies are stronger than this disease! Our spirits are fierce and unstoppable!

Everything else may have been a lie, but that is the truth!

So LIVESTRONG friends!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail