Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Confession: I have been in a little bit of funk following my marathon.

It is hard to explain, but I just feel a little lost now that it is all over.

This past year has been a complete whirlwind, and I have been jumping from one race to the next, with a couple surgeries mixed in for good measure. So you would think I would be thankful for the break.

But I have found myself asking, "Now what?!"

No race to prep for? No medical crisis to navigate? Now I can just focus on me, right? But I feel like I don't even know what that means anymore?

It has taken me a couple weeks to regroup and reassess, but I think I am finally getting back to me.

Armed with a new haircut and a crossfit membership I am feeling like a Brand New Chick!

So now I'm singing...

"Don't need your sad face, sorry babe. But I made up mind. I made up mind"
After my less than stellar marathon experience, and a little time to reflect (and mope), I have decided another marathon is definitely in the future. Maybe Spring 2013? Maybe? Maybe?

Lesson have been learned. Mistakes were made. It is time to dry those tears, and move on to the next one.
"Got my red lipstick on. Engines Revving. You're so far behind. And I am taking mine"
But if I want the time and performance I desire, I am gonna have to spend sometime rebuilding and making a full recovery. So crossfit is all about coming back stronger and better than ever.

Surprisingly enough my cardio was good, it was my upper body strength that really did me in on race day. I have decided to make friends with weights, and get myself lean and strong.

I am gonna get that Marathon I have been dreaming of.


"I'm like a, I'm like a, I'm like a brand new. I'm like a, I'm like a, I'm like a brand brand. Turning up the, turning up the, Turning up the beat so sick. I'm like a brand new chick"

Ready People! Let's Get After It and Do This Thing!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. Love the new hair!!! Keep being you...that being the amazing person that you are!

  2. The haircut looks amazing on you :)

  3. a lot of people find themselves in a post marathon figure you have spent months leading up to that big moment and then suddenly what you have been focusing all your energy on is gone. many feel the same after a wedding!

    I Love the hair - yes capital L.

  4. Love your hair!! "less-than-stellar" my booty! You did awesome!

  5. It is good to read this post. I agree with others, a post marathon funk is pretty common. Good luck with Crossfit! I have been meaning to try my hand at it as well.

  6. I love love love the new hair. Adorbs.

    And I totally get the post marathon funk. I trained for six months, countless hours, blood, sweat and tears... only to get pulled from the course at mile 21. All the work - so close... and I didn't get to finish. That was in January. I had a half-marathon in april so I kept training for that... but after that was over I kinda let running go to the wayside. I started Crossfit in June - i've lost 25lbs so far and gained a ton of strength. Now I'm starting to return to the run... and I've got big goals! I'm looking for PR at my spring half and I'm going Goofy in 2014!!

    Just take some time to figure out what YOU need to do for you. Running will always be there waiting for you to come back

  7. Totally can relate to the post marathon funk, but you'll be coming back and better than ever in no time. Your hair is so dang cute! That fringe suits you for sure!

  8. You so did the right thing by taking that time to assess and reflect. Immediately post race none of us are thinking straight! And love that you are trying cross fit-bet you'll love it.

  9. Marathon funks can be tough...glad you took the time to assess and reflect (love the new haircut!). And I'm so glad you're looking at another marathon in your future!

  10. I have spent so much time in post-marathon funk but we all get out of. No matter what the results of your marathon are, you will most always feel the low after. You will run your amazing marathon. That is the best part of marathoning....It takes time to perfect it therefore it will never leave you bored.

  11. You always look FAB.... glad to hear you are enjoying CF. See you next year... :)