Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Crossfit Musings

I completed my very first WOD (*Workout Of the Day*) at my new box Auxiliary Crossfit. (<--- and look at me, so down with all this new crossfit lingo. I am so hardcore?!).

My goal for the coming months is to combine 3 Crossfit class/ week with my regular running/coaching duties, and officially relinquish my title as Cardio Queen. I am gunning for Crossfit Princess? Or maybe, just to try to find a little balance in my routine.

Here is what I have learned so far...

  • Crossfit Musing 1: I have great squat form (who knew?!)
  • Crossfit Musing 2: The warmup is just as tough as the actual workout
  • Crossfit Musing 3: I have no upper body strength. (I already knew that, but today's WOD just confirmed it. *le sigh* )
  • Crossfit Musing 4: I hate having to tell new people about all my medical misadventures. I just sound like a HOT MESS! Luckily all the Crossfit folks are super supportive.
  • Crossfit Musing 5: Pretty sure that Crossfit is going to seriously kick my booty
  • Crossfit Musing 6: I think incorporating strength training is going to make me a better runner (So watch out Marathon #2  I am coming for you!)

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,