Wednesday, 19 September 2012

WIAW - Periodization of Eating

Oh goodness gracious! It is Wednesday! Which means it is What I Ate Wednesday over at Peas and Crayons. And it also means that I am just 4 days away from my second half marathon.

The Ajax Waterfront Half Marathon is this Sunday, and I am hoping (secretly, not so secretly - its on the internet) that I PR.

I read a really interesting article last week in the Trail Special of Canadian Running about the "Periodization of Eating".

This is not a concept I was familiar with, but the article really struck a cord with me. Issues with nutrition and "hitting the wall" have plagued my training sessions, so I was intrigued.

Periodization is meant to maximize your fitness by adjusting your nutrition and recovery depending on where you are in your training cycle. The ultimate goal or periodization is to make sure your body gets the right stress at the right time during training - and then comes back stronger for the next workout.
"The purpose of carbohydrate-loading is trying to build extra energy stores, and extra glycogen beyond the two-hour reserve you have stored in your body already"
In short, giving you the energy you need to power through your race and finish strong. Sounds like just what this gal needs to squeak out a PR, right?!? So here's the plan

Pre-Race Periodization Recommends 3 days before Race Day...
  • Increasing the amount of starchy carbohydrates in your diet by about 50% per day
  • Drinking 1 litre of sport drink per day
  • Adding 1 extra carbohydrate rich snack at bedtime the night before
I am going to give this whole Periodization-thing a try for this week's race, and if it all goes well then I am definitely going to rock this plan for my Marathon as well.

I won't know until I try?! So let's see how it goes! Periodization starts tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,