Friday, 28 September 2012

Marathon Training Friday - Mezamashii

The wonderful people from Mizuno Canada sent me an invitation to participate in their Mezamashii Project. And I was beyond excited to be a part of the Brillant Run Movement.

Ever since I started my foray into distance running this past year I have gone a little Mizuno Crazy. You can see pictures of my favourite sneakers all over my little blog, making regular appreaces on my instagram, and dotting my twitter feed. I think it is safe to say, that I really like these shoes.

Mizunos have just worked me. I like the way they fit my feet. I like the stability they offer. And you know, I like all their rainbow bright colours. Its a girlie-girlie's paradise - fit and function meets fashion!

Mizuno offered to send me a pair a sneakers to try out during my marathon training, but I actually selected a pair to break in after Marathon Glory is achieved. I chose the Wave Musha 4. The Musha 4 offers the stability I need as an overpronator, but they sport a lower heel drop and light weight/minimalist feel. I think these are gonna be perfect for speed work!

If you are a runner, then there is no way you have ecaped the minimalist hype. It is everywhere these days. Lower heel drops, forefoot strikes, and barefoot running is all the rage. Everyone is talking about it. And quite frankly, this girl is curious. Does it really make you a better runner? Could a shoe like this make me faster and more efficient? Inquiring minds want to know.

I have always worn a stability shoe, and definitely lead with my heel. So the middle of marathon training is not the time to try something completely different. But it is something to look forward to after race day.

Mezamashii is the Japanese word for eye-opening, or brilliant

And that is exactly how I would describe this past year. My journey to my first marathon has been both eye-opening and brilliant. Every run is a new adventure. I have learned more about myself - and about my body - in the last 6 months than I ever thought possible. I wouldn't trade this journey for anything else in the world.

Everytime I lace up my sneakers I have a Mezamashii run - because I am here and I am healthy. This little bod is strong, partially bionic, complete with a shiny robot heart, and just failing it's way to success, one crazy misadventure at a time.

Marathon Glory here I come!
Hope you all have a Mezamashii weekend!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail!


  1. This is the one thing that has held me back from Mizuno's, is that they don't have anything in the 4-6MM drop range. However, everything else about Mizuno I really like and am probably going to buy the Ronin's next week. So I will be joining you in going Mizuno :-)

  2. I have the inspires in that mint green color and they are great for short runs but too much stability (for me) for short runs. I do love the funky colors. ;)

  3. For me, switching to Vibrams made all the difference in the world, my recurring hammy injury disappeared, I got (a lot) faster and I have more balance. I used to wear stability shoes too, I'm also an "overpronator" but that seems to be seriously diminished though wearing VFFs. It is, however, 100% personal preference. I'm sure there are several people who have tried them without the same experience! Gotta see what works for you!

  4. Awesome Krysten!!!! Lovin' the shoes too! I run in waves :) Love 'em

  5. I *LOVE* your pink and green sneaks- my two favorite colors :D Hopefully they bring you good luck and keep you strong during training!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mizunos. I need a new pair desperately, though. lol I have a pair of Nirvanas that could use some relief. lol

    I've thought about going minimalist, just not barefoot. I need to do more research on it, for sure. That reminds me...I have a friend who went minimalist about 3 months ago, post injury. I'll have to check with her and see how it's going. :)