Thursday, 6 September 2012

Marathon Training Thursday - Give Your Heart a Break

I am not going to sugar coat Marathon Training - it is HARD freakin' WORK!

During the last few weeks, as I ramped up my mileage, I have been feeling burnt out and more than a little worn down. I have been struggling to get excited about my training and my two-a-days. On every long run I struggle through my final 5km, and I wonder how the heck I am ever going to get to 42km. My body has been craving rest.

So this past weekend - rest I did. Well sort of... I had a girls weekend at the cottage for my girlfriend Sarah's Bachlorette! So I wouldn't exactly call it restful, but all of the laughing and girl-time silliness was definitely restorative.

We all spent the weekend at her cottage in Muskoka and got a little goofy. It was AMAZING! Most of the details of our girl weekend shall remain safely on the island. But I will reveal, that an epic girls-only dance party did consume a good part of the wee hours of Saturday.

PS I realize this is slightly strange song to pick as a Marathon anthem, but bare with me!

As I found myself rocking out to lovely Demi Lovato and belting out these lyrics, something struck me...

Don't wanna break your heart  
I wanna give your heart a break 
I know you're scared it's wrong 
Like you might make a mistake  
There's just one life to live 
And there's no time to wait, to waste  
So let me give your heart a break

Running a Marathon scares me. I want to reach this goal so badly. But all the weight and significance I have put into training and completing this race terrifies me. And it is my fear that is holding me back. I am past my comfort zone at this point, and there is part of my that worries I won't be able accomplish everything I am striving for.

But then I remember, I didn't sign up for all this "to break my heart". I signed up "to give my heart break", and to remind myself that this body is strong and it is finally healthy. And to remember that I worked damn hard for all of that. "There's just one life to live. And there's no time to wait, to waste", so it is time to put it all out there and push!

6 weeks of training left, so Let's Make It Happen!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. The best advice I got from a friend was "harness your fear" and use it to fuel your runs. Run this for you...not for a time or a distance or a "goal". Run it how you want to. Take the time to let go of the technical BS and take in the fact that you're DOING this. No "I mights". You are. <3

  2. Hi Krysten!

    I came by from Carla's site. I hope you are able to see yourself through the eye's of those that respect and love you!

    I'm sure Darwin would consider you a successful surviver!

    1. Im was trying to say something kind and supportive. Did I fail at that

      I'm a surgeon. "Dr. J will see you now," is the name of my Internet column. Look at it if you wish.

    2. I thought it was fabulous! Thank you so much!

  3. You go!

    Just think, in about 4 weeks you will be sitting where I am is over. I have to trust it. Now I have to do it. Rest more, eat well, hydrate and don't start panicking yet.

    I get the worst pre-race jitters for all races and need to start visualizing success and praying for serenity right about now!

    Training is hard....but I LOVE it!

  4. you're so awesome! :)
    I use fear to fuel my runs. its such a powerful motivator, if you let it be

  5. I like the harness your fear... more importantly, listen to your body. You can do both.

    Rest is well deserved, trust in your training to get you there. The plan is in place to get you to the start line, then the finish line. Keep doing your (fashionable) thing.

  6. i love demi. and this song. she is so amazing! (: You should definitely rest when you feel you need to. Boosting up your mileage is hard even if its 3 miles for a newbie or 15 for someone that has ran forever.

  7. yes, you will be scared, but it's worth it, you will be tired, but you know when to rest! cheers to that!

  8. kudos to you for recognizing that you needed to take a break and listening to your body. it is so important to rest when your body is asking for it. you are awesome for enduring this training, you are almost there and will complete the race successfully. know that we are all routing for you :-)

  9. keep it fun. it's just running. I've done 13 marathons and it certainly isn't important when i compare it to other things I have accomplished in my life. It's not supposed to be WORK! PLAY with it!

    1. WOW 13! That is amazing!! This is my 1st, so the nerves are definitely there

  10. you will rock that marathon i know it! training for a marathon is SOOOO hard, i respect you not sugar coating it. finishing may seem like a hard task but somehow your body just does it, and you will feel amazing when you cross the finish line!xox