Wednesday, 15 August 2012

#WIAW - Toast the Ta-Tas Party

So those of you who just come visit me on What I Ate Wednesday from Peas and Crayons, may not realize this, but just about 5 months ago I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction as a preventative measure for the BRCA 1 genetic marker.

Obviously the decision to go ahead with this surgery was a difficult one. And the entire process was a long. Recovery has taken a long time. Definitely a lot longer than I initially anticipated. But I think it is pretty safe to say that my body has healed, and my energy levels are finally back. And after all that, I am just so incredibly happy to be healthy and out the other side, so it was time to celebrate!

This weekend I hosted a Toast the Ta-tas Party. It was a way to say farewell and thank you to the boobies of the past! And as a welcome to the new Ta-tas! It was a night to celebrate being healthy and oh so happy!  

Here's how it all went down (commence photo bomb)

We had lots to eat, and clearly no thought was given to sugar content or points for healthy fare. We just ate yummy things, and had celebratory drinks! Pitchers of Mojitos and Margarita were made and enjoyed. And I ate my fair share of that licorice.

The Piece de le Resistance though, was definitely my beautiful over the top Boobie Cake, created by Emily Scott Cake Designs.

Emily is one of my super amazing and insanely talented friends, and her masterpiece far exceeded my expectations. I definitely struggled to cut into this beautiful piece. Much of the night was spent gushing over this gorgeous cake, and then enjoying eating it! So beautiful and so delicious!

For any of my local GTA friends who may need cakes, please make sure to check out Emily's Facebook Page or Email  her for consultations/pricing at Emily is just starting to grow her cake-making business, so I definitely want to help spread the LOVE! Although I am pretty sure her work speaks for itself!

The night was great! And more than anything I was struck by how lucky I am. I love my life, bumps, failures, scars, and all. And I love all the of the amazing people in it.

Last year was difficult, but I had an amazing group of people supporting me (many of whom were also there on Saturday). They were there for me when I was down, and they were right beside me to celebrate when I got back up. 

I spent Saturday night smiling and relishing in this great life that belongs to me. And I just felt incredibly grateful. I feel so grateful to have my health, and so proud to be able to recognize how far I have come. And with a life this beautiful, who needs boobs anyways?

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. That cake! I love it. What a great idea to throw this party. Definitely well earned and a great reason to celebrate!

  2. How awesome was that party! My sister in law will be going through the same surgery this fall; double mastectomy and removing her ovaries. She battled and won against colon cancer all of last year. You made the right choice and you will live to enjoy the benefits!

    1. Thanks Kristin. If your sis has any questions or wants someone to talk to. Tell me she is more than welcome to email anytime!

  3. What a wonderful cake for a celebration of life and the next chapter! You are a strong woman!

  4. Looks like such a fun party! You are such a strong and beautiful person and the inside and out :)

  5. So great that you can now celebrate your triumph! Looks like a good time; congrats on restoring your health and energy

  6. oh my gosh, i want to be there for the next party!

  7. What a great celebration! Congrats on your journey back to health :)

  8. Oh, what a fun celebration! The pictures show such happiness!

  9. I swear, every single post of yours is so inspiring! You are such an incredible, REAL person who has such a great outlook on life. Cheers to your health! :)

  10. Awesome party! Love the cake! You're truly a gem :)

  11. You look so exuberant and beautiful, Krysten. Congratulations! And best wishes for a strong, confidence-building race on Saturday.

    P.S. The boob cake is Ah-mazing!

  12. How fun!! Congratulations on overcoming a very tough ordeal. It obvious that you are stronger for having gone through it and your positivity is just amazing!!!

  13. Congratulations! You look absolutely beautiful & glowing from ear to ear! Glad you were able to celebrate this past year with so many wonderful friends.. and an awesome cake :)

  14. what a wonderful celebration!! that cake is/was amazing!!! :)