Wednesday, 22 August 2012

#WIAW - Rest Day

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. There has been lots of training, loads of miles, all mixed with the madness of final exams. Oh and then I also had my 15km Race on Saturday. I have been a busy bee!

So when a quiet Monday finally rolled around, I decided that a REST DAY was a MUST. No running. No studying. Just a quiet day to myself. So this week's What I Ate Wednesday posted on Peas and Crayons, is actually What I Ate Monday.

This is how my glorious rest day went down!

I got up at my usual time. Mostly because my little alarm clock decides when I should get up. There is no snooze button on this guys. So when the puppy says wake up, I am up.

After our morning walk. I made myself a bowl plain Chobani topped with some delicious Love Grown Granola. I grabbed the paper, a big cup of coffee, and eased into my morning.

After a leisurely morning spent reading and catching up on the bloggy world. I made myself a simple lunch and got ready to head out of the afternoon.

I made 2 eggs scrambled, with a side of spicy Hungarian salami (not pictured) and a banana. It was quick and easy, but packed with protein.

I needed to get caught up on some of my bloggy correspondence that I had let fall by the way side, while stuck in my exam time-warp. So I did some errands and spent the afternoon on my local Starbucks patio, enjoying the cooler temperatures, sipping lattes, and writing.

I did try to balance out my crazy caffiene intake with lots of water too.

This was more exciting than usual, because I a girlie date planned with the lovely Lexi. We met at the Foxerly Bistro - one of Lexi's favourite spots. The menu focused on small plates and Asian-fusion. We agreed to get two items each and share, share, share. All over a nice glass of red wine!

We started with lamb and duck prosciutto dumplings, and a kale salad with pecorino toscano and lemon dressing. Great food, and fabulous girlie talk time.
For our mains we shared the sea scallop ceviche with kumquat and grilled jalapeno and spicy crispy shrimp with jalapeno and garlic. They were absolutely AMAZING! And needless to say there was not much left, by the time we were done.

Our girl time was not quite finished when the food was though. There was still more to discuss and more silly topics to rehash, so we switched locations for coffee and dessert. We shares a piece of homemade key lime pie and continued our gab-fest over cappuccinos.
I strolled home rested, refreshed, and with a very happy tummy. It is all about balance, and Monday was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. Which all makes me smile. It took me till...around 30 to learn what you already kn ow about rest.

  2. Ohhh grilled jalapeno! That sounds yum!

    Enjoy your rest day! So important! :)

  3. Yay for a girl's night! You know how to do a rest day right. Mine is usually the one day I have extra time to run errands.

  4. Yummy! Miss you girls and can't wait to see you both soon!!! :) Love the blog

  5. "There is no snooze button on this guys." <— I know the feeling!

  6. Rest days are so important. Looks like a yummy day. Reminded me I need to set up a girlfriend date asap!

  7. Monday is my rest day as well... sort of makes Mondays something to look forward too.

    And BTW, you look awesome in glasses. It's a great look on you.

  8. May I borrow that day? And that food? Sounds about perfect to me!

  9. Rest days are e best. After Tough Mudder I decided to take a rest WEEK!! I am loving every second of it. Sometimes it's just necessary.

  10. Glad you had such a fun girls night! Hope you had a wonderful rest day :)