Thursday, 23 August 2012

Marathon Training Thursday - Mind over Matter

This is the real secret to distance racing.

So much of long distance running is about mental stamina, as much as it is physical endurance. A lesson I learned while running my last race.

When I took the plunge into distance running this past March I did so under a certain amount of duress. I was at my breaking point during the weeks leading up to my half marathon. And while the race was a great distraction from the surgery and all the other thoughts I had swirling around in my head - it was not my focus.

So when I found myself struggling at kilometer 17 - I had nothing left to give. There was no push left in me. I didn't have the energy to push through the pain and the fatigue. I couldn't dig deep. My second wind was used up long ago and on other things.

The results I battled for that day show a girl whose body could do better, but whose mind could not.

Deep down I knew this, but running my 15km last weekend really drove this point home for me. I felt a little down after my tumble by the lighthouse, and my legs were getting tired. But on this day, at this race, this girl knew she had more to give.

I spent the rest of the race building myself back up.

I chanted my intention over and over again.
"Take PRIDE in how far you have come. And have FAITH in how far you can go". 

With every positive affirmation I felt myself growing stronger.

I knew I could push hard to the end. Not because my body was exponentially stronger this time around, but because I believed I could.

So as I crossed the finish line on Saturday night I could hear the voice in my head chanting,
"Push! You run this body! F**k Genetics! You are stronger than this! Push!"
And you know what? I really believed it.

So as I strive for Marathon Glory, I am going in with an open heart and a strong mind, and that is going to make all the difference.

Let's Make It Happen!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,