Monday, 13 August 2012

Marathon Motivation Monday - Oiselle

It is Monday Friends!

And that means I am only 5 measly days away from my foray back into distance racing. This coming Saturday I am diving back into things and running the 15km MidSummer Night's Run. This is going to be my first serious race back post-op, so I am feeling a little nervous. Oh and it is also the first time I will be shooting with the crew from Make It Happen. GAH! Nothing like having a camera crew following you to really help ramp up the PRESSURE.

And if a Race and Camera Crew weren't enough to motivate my little behind. Than the lovely package I received from the girls at Oiselle should definitely do the trick! Nothing like adorable workout apparel to get you excited about logging those miles, right?!

I am so excited and honoured to announce that I have officially joined Team Oiselle. Oiselle is an AMAZING women's running apparel company and they have graciously offered to sponsor me as I take on my latest and greatest adventure. (**Squeal! Love!**) Not only does Oiselle make adorable running gear, but it is a company founded by a group of kick-ass women who are also incredibly passionate about running and the health and wellness community. Fabulous, right?! So I am beyond excited to sport their gear over the coming months and be a part of this astounding group of women!

The package they sent me is chalk full of Fabulousness! They sent everything from cute Tees, running shorts, racing tanks, zip-ups, compression sleeves, and even an adorable note to boot. I have already decided that my new Oiselle Racing Tank is reserved for Saturday's Race, complete with my matching orange shorts. And I have been happily sporting all my new gear out and about all weekend. Including on my very long, very wet and rainy run on Friday.

I swear new running gear does wonders for a girls soul! And with all this new motivation my training has been going really well this past week. And despite a little lingering achy-ness, I am feeling strong and much more like myself. Last week's training was intense, but sticking with new schedule felt AMAZING! So this week I am planning on doing more of the same. And hopefully Rocking Race Day!

So, if you guys are looking for a little MOTIVATION this week in the form of ADORABLE new gear, then I am here to help! 

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Let's Rock it this week!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail!