Monday, 23 July 2012

Warrior Dash Recap

So several weeks ago, I was crazy enough to throw myself back into racing just 12 measly weeks after my double mastectomy at MetCon Blue. I had an amazing time. And it was the perfect way to celebrate the 12 week milestone with my hubby. But my body was no where near ready to tackle that challenge.

So fast forward 7 weeks, and I have finally had my moment of mud run obstacle redemption.

My girl Robyn convinced me to tackle the Warrior Dash with her way back when, with the promise that she would use her personal training expertise to whip back into shape post-op. And once I had been giving the A-okay to start training again - Robyn, the fabulous Jess, and I started training every Monday. We were a team and we going to run this race together. Not only did these amazing girls help me train for the race, but they were a huge source of support and encouragement. I cannot gush about them enough!

So yesterday, completely decked out in our matching neon outfits, we drove to Barrie for our 12:00 start time.
It was extremely hot when we took the starting line. But even with the heat the energy level was high - everyone was excited to race. The course was extremely muddy and the hills felt like they just kept coming. But all of that plus the obstacles made for a great race.

Jess was an absolute machine on the hills. She was killing it on the course. Me...not so much. My little defective ticker still hates hills, and especially hates hills in the heat. But Jess was there to root for Robyn and I as we slowly made our way up the inclines. Robyn was my biggest cheerleader as I climbed the rope wall, rocking my new found upper body strength (*thank you for the TRX training girlie*). And I was able to support them over some of the dizzying heights on the course. We all encouraged each other in different ways, and we crossed the finish line muddy and holding hands at 54:59.

It was such a fun day! And it was big milestone for me and my recovery as well. 7 weeks ago, when I ran MetCon Blue I completed the race 1:17:15. And yesterday I saw an almost 25 min improvement! It was HUGE! My road to recovery is almost complete and it felt so great to celebrate it with a few of favourite girls.

It has been a long 5 months of recuperation. And while I know I still have a little ways to go in terms of endurance, it has taken a lot of hard work to get back to this point. Yesterday was a celebration of how far I have come and Girl Power at its best!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,