Monday, 2 July 2012

Marathon Motivation ...Tuesday - Week 1

Welcome to the very first edition of Marathon Motivation Monday Tuesday!

It was a long weekend here and Canada's Birthday - so I am a day behind on my postings. I spent this weekend relaxing and regrouping with my adorable hubby and one and only puppy sidekick Clark. And I must confess, I took this weekend off. I spent yesterday reading, enjoying puppy snuggles, drinking wine, and eating dessert. (yes, I ate 2 of those cannolies for dessert and I enjoy every bite!)

This relaxing weekend of bliss and enjoyment was very much a MUST, as I find myself staring down the obscene and daunting task of Marathon Training.

To say that I am scared is an understatement. My stomach is full of butterflies, and I find myself asking "Can I Really Do This?". I am silently cursing at myself for proclaiming so loudly and proudly on my little blog and social media that I want to tackle those elusive 26.2 miles. What was I thinking? Who decides to run for 4+ hours just for kicks? This is nuts! And trust me, I know this is nuts. But I am going to do it anyways because...

Darwinian Fail? Robot Heart? BRCA +? No Boobs? No Problem! None of that matters anymore. Anything I can dream is possible. This week is all about logging miles and loving every single blessed second of it, because I CAN! Because I am HEALTHY! Because I am living the dream. Because I am going to sweat and sparkle all the way to Marathon Glory. Because this year I am going to prove that I run this body and I am so much more than a few silly genes.

So this week's goals are...

Log My Miles 
My plan is to start my day running. I need to get up early to try to beat the heat here in the city. I want to log a total of 50 kilometers this week (31 miles for my American friends). And run a 15 km long run (9.3 miles), which will put me well on my way to my goal of 20 km (13 miles) long run by the end of the month. 
Day 1 of 103 is in the books!

I also promise to start logging all my workout on the Daily Mile again. So you can keep track with that little widget over there on your left, or by adding me as a Daily Mile friend for regular check-ins.

Strength Train
I have 3 strength training sessions scheduled for this week - 2 arms/chest workouts using the TRX and 1leg and core circuit. I promise despite adding extra miles and my love of all things cardio I will do my Strength Training this week. 
Eat Clean (mostly)
Okay so this is the one that is going to be tough. I am going away for the weekend with my hubby to visit friends and their new baby (SQUEAL with excitement and baby delight). In other words there will be dinners out, and likely a few cocktails mixed into our weekend plans. So I am giving myself a pass on Saturday to enjoy a few bevies and less than healthy-fare with friends, as long as I do so in moderation, stay on track during the week, and follow through with all of my training goals. 
I will check in again with a Marathon Training update on Thursday to let you know how the week is going, and if I am on target to reach this week's goals. 

Fingers crossed, as I head out on a hope and a prayer! Wish me luck (I am gonna need it)!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,