Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Foodie Penpal Reveal

Hi Friends,

June is officially over, so today we celebrate all things fabulous and foodie, with Foodie Penpal Reveal Day. This is a fun program started by the lovely Lindsey over at the Lean Green Bean. My package is still in transit, so unfortunately I cannot sure my goodies just yet. But my Penpal - Jenn - graciously agreed to write a guest post for without further adieu. 

Hi to everybody out there from very humid Toronto!

Krysten is my wonderful, awesome, amazing (have I sucked up enough yet?) June foodie penpal and she sent me a box full of yummy treaties!  Boy, was I spoiled!

Anyway, the star of the box was the homemade fruit explosion muffins.  Oh man, was she talking to my little diabetic heart.  Unfortunately, they also spoke to my 4 year old son’s heart as well, as all I got out of these was one measley little bite!  Oh well, this is what happens when you’re a mom!

Next up was the apple chips.  Those didn’t last the night either.  I ate about half the bag (yum, yum I might say) and the hubby finished it off.  He said that they’re his new fav chip.

Krysten also sent some kale chips.  I took those to work and had them all to myself.  For about 5 minutes.  I just HAD to share.  But my coworkers didn’t like them, so I got most of the bag to myself.  (heehee)

And the crowning glory…the piece to resistance…

Ritter’s chocolate!  Sooo good.  Sooo yummy. 

And just to let you know:  IT WAS ALL MINE!

Thanks Jenn! Hope everyone has a Fabulous Long Weekend!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,