Monday, 28 May 2012

Motivation Monday - Strength Training Session

It's Monday Friends!
And this week I need all the Motivation I can get!

This is a week of firsts! 

Beginning with my inaugural midterm - marking my official return to student life.  That's right people, I spent the weekend studying, making notes, and generally basking in a studious glow. I am officially a student - with lectures, deadlines, exams, and everything. And I must confess, I LOVE it! For 3 years now, I have been cramming classes around a 40-60 hour work-weeks, family, runs, and everything else. But now I actually have a chance to focus, and I am relishing in it.

I am also about to finally cross the recovery threshold and reach that magical 12 week milestone. Which of course in true borderline crazy-pants fashion I will mark with my return to racing at MetCon Blue. After many discouraging runs, and several panic attacks, I think I have finally settled into my pre-race excitement. I am looking forward to taking the racing plunge and spending the weekend with some of my favourite people whatever my results may be.

Sweaty and Hot
And if those firsts weren't enough for you - Robyn Baldwin  walked into my life. She has made it her personal mission to whip this little Cardio Queen into shape. Robyn is my kick-butt Fitfluential friend, who has quickly become an awesome "in real life" friend. She also happens to be a fitness model and personal trainer - phfft no big deal - that how we roll.

So when she said she would train me post-op, I was excited! Like super-extra-crazy excited!

Half way through our 5k
I am a total newbie when it comes to the world of strength training, so I need all the help I can get. I don't know which muscles to work and when, or how many reps to do, or how to modify things for my current boobie situation. But I have been told time and time again that if you want to see changes in your body and you want to see a real difference in your time - then you need to strength train. So having all this expertise readily available is pretty freakin' fantastic if you ask me!

So tonight we did our very first Strength Training session!

We did a 5 km run to warm up, because I am also helping Robin train for the running portion of our upcoming Warrior Dash  . Our run included some of the local trails and getting super sweaty on this hot and very humid evening. We then ended up at one of the parks near my house for our Upper Body Workout.

Tonight's Workout included...
Bench Pushups 10 reps x 3
Bench Dips 10 reps x 3
Resistance Shoulder raises 12 reps x 3
Resistance Bicep Curls 15 reps x 3
Reistance Chest Flies 12 reps x 3

It felt good! I feel like I am getting stronger already. And to be honest, having a workout like this right before my race, was just the little confidence boost I needed. Tonight's workout showed, that while there is obviously still room for improvement, my body is getting stronger. My post-op recovery is actually happening. And I am slowly but surely returning to my self.

So thanks for the fab workout Robyn! I promise I will stick to my Strength Training routine this week!

What are you guys doing to get sweaty this week? 

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Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,