Monday, 21 May 2012

Motivation Monday - Getting Hot and Sweaty

So long, long, LONG ago, when I started to get back into embracing a healthy lifestyle I signed up for a Bikram Hot Yoga class that literally changed my life.

Getting Centered at Home
After 2 years of being sedentary and packing on an uncomfortable 50 lbs - the wheels in my head started turning. I wanted to change. I wanted to get my body back. I wanted to get my health back. I wanted to be active again. But I had little to no idea how I should go about doing that.

So on a whim - after a couple of my much fitter and cuter girlfriends raved about this intense new "Hot" yoga studio - I decided to give it a try. I had never done yoga before, and it had literally been years since I broke a serious sweat. But the girls walking around campus in their lululemons looked pretty rockin', so maybe if I did this class I could too!

So there I was - a little chubby yoga virgin - walking into Tanya Harrington's Thursday night Karma class at the Feel Yoga Studio. The first shock was that the class was 90 minutes. The second shock was the room was actually HOT - like sauna-style hot. And the third, that we could not leave the class part way through. If we signed up, we were committed to 90 sweaty minutes. It was terrifying!

I am not going to lie to you, that first class was INTENSE. It was a huge shock to the system. I was hot. I was nauseous. I was trying to bend my pudgy body into positions I did not think were possible for me anymore. But when I lay down on my mat for my final shavasana I was in LOVE.


I remembered what it was like to love the sweat. I remembered what it was like to feel the burn and like it. And I remembered that feeling of accomplishment you get when you finished a good workout. Those 90 minutes woke sometime inside me that I thought I had lost years ago - a drive and a desire for a healthy body.

So this week, after struggling with my inner demons and fears about my upcoming race, I went back to my first love - Hot Yoga. I got hot. I got sweaty. And most importantly, I got a much needed wake-up call.
After a year spent battling my genetic shortcomings and my less than cooperative body, I had forgotten what it was like to love my body and have it love me back.
Sweaty, Happy Glow Post-Yoga

What a novel concept?!

I have 12 days until Met Con Blue, a race that is going mark exactly 12 weeks post-op for me. So this run isn't going to be about PR-ing or even running well. This race is going to be about LOVING my body, CELEBRATING this crazy journey, and EMBRACING finally being healthy!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,