Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Body Evolution

So today marks exactly 7 weeks Post-op and my recovery antsy-ness has started to reach epic proportions! My routine has been upside down for the last 2 months, and quite frankly I just can't take it any more! It is time to start training again. It is time to get serious! I have races to run, a body to whip back into shape, and life to be living!

Confession: Recouping has caused me to revert to my 6 year old self. I have been craving all my childhood comforts while I have been home. Kraft dinner, chicken fingers, Koolaid Jammers, chips - you name it! If there is a treat that makes you think of a simpler time then I probably ate it while lying around like a slug on the couch. Blah!

Fact: Serious athletes fuel their bodies, not their emotions

I need to start training like a serious athlete. Marathons are not for the faint of heart or the ho-hum runner, so this year it is going to be all about focus, determination, and no excuses. This year I have nothing to hold me back. I got new boobs and a new box-heart! Its time to break these babies in!

I have decided to dub 2012 my
"Body Evolution"  (ha! get it? Evolution? Darwin?...you get it.) 

Not only have I made big changes to my body medically (re: toasting the ta-tas and updating my robotic heart), but I plan to put the time and effort in to making this body a lean, mean, Marathon running, disease fighting machine. I may have won my genetic battle, but the only way I can win the war is by loving this defective body of mine enough to take care of it EVERY SINGLE DAY. So that is exactly what I am going to do!

1. Eating Clean (aka no more nostalgic trips down memory lane. Just healthy whole foods for this gal)
2. Run 3x a week
3. Strength Train 3x a week

And this time around I am kind of hoping you will join me?! Starting next week I am going to be taking the plunge into vlogging and sharing my strength training circuit with all of you. I will post a new routine every 3 weeks that will target a different part of the body and will increase in difficulty. The plan is the strengthen those muscles, increase our metabolism, and get into rockin shape! (*note: just in time for bikini season*). You know you wanna join me!

So if you are up for challenge come on over to our BRAND NEW FACEBOOK PAGE (Yay! Cheers! Confetti! Sparkles!) and like us! And leave a comment letting me know your body evolution goals and you will be entered to win our Sparkly Soul and NeoCell Giveaway for the month of May!

It is time to Live Strong and Sparkle! So let's get going!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,