Monday, 9 April 2012

Its official...

Why yes I think I will have a drink!

I went on several good sized hikes this week.

Its a long weekend.

Oh yeah...and I got my official pathology report back and this smiling gal is Cancer-free! What!? What!? If ever anything deserved a drink, I think it is a clean pathology report! So Skinny Girl Cosmos were on the docket.

As much as we were not expected to not receive bad news at this appointment, and I had been reassured that everything should be fine - getting the official report was a complete load off!

I have never had great luck in the medical department (or really any luck at all, come to think of it). And if I have learned nothing from my countless experiences - it is that nothing is guaranteed. I don't want to say that I am pessimistic about these sorts of things. But as a coping mechanism I have learned to go in prepared for the worst, because then you are ready to face anything. This time - thankfully - I didn't have to.

I was relieved and could not stop smiling! I felt like I was closing this chapter as I walked out the door of my oncologist office. This battle is done and I won! My boobs are gone, but so is my cancer risk. I don't require any more appointments. I don't need to do any screening. This journey has come to end.

So, Breast Cancer - I am really just writing this post to say "This year has been quite the battle. And you have been a worthy opponent. But I am pretty sure that I just made you my BITCH! So CHEERS Mother-F**cker!"

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,