Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Birthday Parties, Boobies, and Boston Motivation

So obviously since you have seen no beaming picture of me in my sweats and sneaks you have probably figured out that my inaugural run on Sunday did not happen. (*sigh*)

I spent this weekend out and about. I had 3 birthday parties to attend (including one for my fabulous and supportive hubby). And while all my weekend socializing was AMAZING for my healing spirit, all that activity was not so great for the healing boobies. I had a great time celebrating birthdays, chatting with friends, and spending time with family. But my body is still quite tired - despite what I want to believe. And my boobies are now quite swollen and uncomfortable. Sleeping is back to being elusive. And running on Sunday just didn't exactly seem to be in my best interest (*despite my new sneaks practically calling out to go for a test drive*)

Remember my inspiring visit with Baby Jayden way way way back in October?! It was her 1st birthday this weekend! Holy Cow! Can you see how that precious smiling cake face would be a great mood booster!? (I know your smiling too! How can you not?!)

So while I have no run of my own to report (just yet) it did feel great to see some of my favourite people this weekend! And I spent yesterday being inspired by some of my BADASS running buddies who were busy tackling the grueling heat and the Boston Marathon! Boston is serious business! And this year's record high temperatures really ramped up the level of difficulty this year. If you are a runner then you know scoring that elusive BQ (Boston Qualifying Time) is a sure sign that you've made it! Boston is like the Running Mecca!

If you are running Boston then you are among the best of the best! This years winner Wesley Korir ran it 2:12:40! Yep he ran a full marathon in the heat faster than I was able to run my Half. Boston is for serious competitors! And because I have to run with a hardcore crew here in the online world - I happen to know 5 strong, amazing women who ran Boston yesterday!

Dorothy Beal from Miles Posts 
Robin from Westford Mommy 
Melody from Will Run for Margaritas 
Whitney from Live Run Love Yoga 
Amanda (aka my lovely run coach) from Miss Zippy

Despite the option for deferral these women all laced up their sneakers and ran! These women inspire me with their dedication and their strength. I haven't been able to lace up my sneakers yet, but this week I definitely plan to. And when I go for my first difficult and humbling run post-op, I will be thinking about these women and channeling a little of their competitive spirit.

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,