Saturday, 3 March 2012

Just Me and the Road

On Sunday I will run my very first half marathon. I have put in 8 long weeks of training. And on Sunday all of my training will be put to the test. Taking the plunge into distance running has been a long standing dream of mine. And on Sunday that dream will become a reality. The 13.1 miles (aka 21 km) I am preparing to run is about more than all of that, though. Sunday's race is where my genetics and I will meet to hash out this long standing battle once and for all. And I plan to win DAMNIT!

On Sunday it is just me and the road, and for 2 hours I will push my body to it's limit.
I will run my heart out - maybe literally.
I will run because I am stronger than my genetics.
I will run because I am stronger than this set of circumstances.
I will run because my spirit is stronger than everything that has happened this past year.
I will run because I am fierce.
I will run to beat heart disease and breast cancer.
I will run because what will happen on Monday will not break me.
I will run past muscle fatigue.
I run through mental road blocks.
I will run hard
I will run fast
I will run strong.
I will run because I can.

On Sunday I will run those 13.1 miles so I can be proud of my body for what it can do and instead of just how it looks. And when I drift off to a drug-induced sleep the following day I will be smiling because I will know that I am strong and that I have won!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,