Sunday, 4 March 2012


I ran my half marathon in 2:20:31 (not even remotely close to the time I had hoped). But regardless I am officially a distance runner!


I am too emotional to sit down and give you all a proper race recap and tomorrow is kind of a big day, sooo...Just know that today was AMAZING in every sense of the word. And as soon as I am no longer completely stoned on pain medication I promise I will write a full recap for the day and upload all my pictures.

Dday is a mere 12 hrs away, so I am obviously going to be away from my little blog for awhile - but before I go I wanted to say from the very depth of my heart THANK YOU! Since I started sharing my story and my struggle I have been embraced by an amazing group of people - many of whom who live in my computer. Words cannot express what it means to me to read all your comments, emails, tweet, and messages. Your encouragement was ringing loudly in my ears while I ran today. People who I have never met have taken time out of their day to write me, to ask questions, and send messages of support. It has been truly overwhelming! I cannot express how much your love and support has meant to me during this journey.

Some of the amazing people I have been talking about have also agreed to keep my little haven safe and warm for me while I am away. I have lined up 4 truly amazing Guest-Posters so please be sure to give them lots of love while I am gone this week.

Calvin is my first guest-poster and one of my amazing online friends. We connected oh-so-long ago during Fitblog Chat one Tuesday night, and we have been virtual buddies ever since. He blogs over at The Orange Mask where he documents his adventures with health, lifting, supplements, and balance. He has written a great post about stress management and that familiar struggle to strike the elusive balance - and issue this gal can definitely relate to. He has some fabulous tips and kick-butt strageties so stop on Tuesday and check him out.

Katy is a crazy busy girl, who is a television producer by day, and trains for triathlons at night. She writes about healthy living in a hectic world -- a balance between fitness and friendships, all built through social media, and is also the founder of the #Fitblog Chats on Twitter. She is a seriously busy girl, so I was glad I was able to nab her for a guest post! She is going to be sharing her own experiences with heart disease, and it is a seriously funny post, so stop on Wednesday to hear her story!

Samantha blogs over at Running and Cupcakes. And based on the title alone is girl after my own heart. She is a fellow Fitfluential Ambassador and a complete sweetheart. She has agreed to share her own experience with breast cancer, and how this ugly disease has made it's way into her family as well. It is a beautiful post, and definitely made me tear up when I read it. So please pop back on Thursday and check her out.

Hank is my last guest blogger, but he is certainly not least. He writes a hilarious weight loss blog that chronicles his adventures called The Business of Losing Weight. Hank and I share a seriously dark sense of humor, and he spared no expense with this post. Hank's post is all about breaking through barriers and finding a way around this annoying "roadblocks" - we've all be there! So check out this fabulous post on Friday.

I have a week of action packed health and wellness fun for you guys, so I hope you enjoy. I am hoping by next Monday I will be up to writing a little bit, so I can fill you in on my progress and give you more race details.

Thank you for all your love and support!
See you guys in a week with my new set of Boobies!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,