Thursday, 8 March 2012

Guest Post Love from Samatha

Hey everybody! I am honored to be guest posting for Krysten while she is having surgery.

Today I’m going to tell you about my breast cancer story, which started last July. My mother had gone for her annual mammogram in July 2011, and the doctor saw a cluster on the mammogram in her left breast that presented as “suspicious for malignancy.” A biopsy was performed and did in fact test positive for breast cancer.

When she told me that she was having a biopsy done, my immediate thoughts went to, “Oh, she’s fine, I’m sure it’s nothing.” Isn’t that the normal reaction? So, when I received the telephone call informing me otherwise, I didn’t really know how to react. My mother seemed to be handling it very well though, so I followed her lead, and stayed calm.

This all happened during the two weeks leading up to an event we were both looking forward to for a long time, Seek the Peak. Seek the Peak is “… the annual summer fundraiser for the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory, where hikers from across the region and beyond hit the trail in support of the "Obs." Hikers solicit contributions from friends, family and coworkers beforehand, hike the mountain on the day of the event and celebrate at our after party, with great food, music, fun and prizes.”
We had our plans set – our hiking bags were packed, our bed and breakfast was booked, and our vacation days were planned.

Then suddenly, there was cancer. I asked my mom, “Are we still going to do Seek the Peak?” Her answer, “Why the hell not? I feel fine.”

Yes. Go mommy go!

So hike we did and it was one of the greatest adventures of my life. You can read my recap in “Seek the Peak Weekend Report” and “Seek the Peak: Part 2”.

That weekend was made even more memorable by the fact that it was then I realized my mother is unstoppable.

Today, she has had her surgery (lumpectomy), gone through all of her radiation, and is on her 5-year dose of tamoxifen. She boards two horses, plus one of her own, as well as English riding and showing. We’re also planning on climbing to the top of Mt. Washington again this summer, along with my little brother.

I’m telling you guys this story because I know and I believe that this is Krysten. Granted, her surgery and procedures are much more severe than anything my mother went through; however, I know that none of this will change her personality, her beauty, her drive and motivation.

She too, is UNSTOPPABLE.