Friday, 9 March 2012

Guest Post Love from Hank

Thanks to Krysten for allowing me to spew forth my ramblings on her blog while she is taking care of her business.
My name is Hank and I am a weight loss blogger over at You probably haven’t heard of me, but that is something I look to remedy. I plan on being a famous blogger and YouTube internet sensation. And I don’t mean like one of those folks who gets their 15 seconds on American Idol and then, as the axe is falling, they are crying out, “This isn’t the last you will be hearing of me!” I would name some of those folks to remind you who I am talking about, but I don’t recall ever hearing their names again.
Well, pardon my digression.
So anyway, here is what I have been thinking about this week.  Roadblocks.
I have talked to a few people in the recent past who have someone or something in their life holding them back from doing what it is they feel they need to do. In most cases, it had to do with losing weight or getting healthy, considering that is the modus operandi of most of what I write about these days. But the fact is that we all have roadblocks in our lives. We all have something trying to hold us back from pushing forward towards our goals. It could be a fear of going to the gym or a spouse who is not supportive. It could be a financial hurdle or even a health related obstacle.
So what happens when you encounter such an impedance in your life?  Are you the type of person who hits that wall and then tucks tail and runs? Are you the type that sees it coming so you avoid going in that general direction all together?  Or are you the type that goes for it no matter what?
I tend to be the kind of person that enjoys looking for ways to overcome adversity. I set goals and I keep striving until I reach it. So I say when you encounter a roadblock, it is time to change lanes.
Right now I am dealing with an impedance. I have lost 85 pounds since May 2011, but I have about 25 or 30 more pounds to lose. I have been in some sort of stall in my weight loss over the past several months. I have tried changing my exercise routine, changing my diet, changing this and changing that, but nothing has worked so far. Now I could get beat up and get down on myself. I could even get to the point where I say F-it all and eat myself into a sugar coma. But what I am doing is looking for another path to the same goal. I am going in next week for a medical evaluation to help me figure out what to do next. You can read more about it on my blog (read about my weight plateau). But the point is that I am not going to stand idly by or turn around and go home. I am going to keep persevering and push right through this roadblock.
Life is too short to let people or things stand in your way. If you have a goal then you should do whatever it takes to reach that goal. If there is something standing in your way then you should look for another way to the same goal or a way around the obstacle.
Ah ha! So you you figured out that it is very easy to say all of that motivational bull-crap but executing it is a horse-of-a-different-color right? Well I don’t want to be some Tony Robbins type of motivational speaker who tells you all about what you SHOULD be doing without speaking some truth into your life.
It is not going to be easy.
Overcoming hurdles in your life is HARD! If it were a cakewalk then NO ONE would EVER have ANYTHING to overcome. The difference between you and everyone else, however, is determination. Your determination will help lead you to the way around your obstacles. That is how you are going to change lanes. And remember... It is worth it. YOU are worth it.
Don’t let people or things keep you from your goals. Change lanes. Move forward. Reach the goal. And then smile.