Monday, 30 January 2012

Motivation Monday - Week 4

Even I am surprised by my time!
Its Monday...time for your weekly dose of MOTIVATION!! (and mine)

I had a really, really, REALLY good run this weekend. Despite the slush, wind, snow, and rain I still did my run. I grumbled and pouted for a good 3 hrs, but I eventually put my sneakers on. I ran my 18 km (11.5 miles) route on Saturday, and I ran it at 8:34 mile pace!! WOOHOO!

For those of you who have no idea what that means, a 10 minute mile is the typical fitness marker. And as a little Darwinian Fail a 10 minute mile is what I have been running comfortably and consistently for the last um...I don't know...6 years! I have never been able to run like this. Like EVER!

Who am I?! Dare I say I may be becoming a "real" runner? Or at least more runner than Darwinian Fail? And maybe, just maybe even a half way decent runner?

This race is about something bigger, and I have purposely place very little pressure on myself in terms of time for my upcoming race. Because this race isn't really supposed to be about times or even competing. This race is supposed to just be for me. A feat of strength and stamina to say that despite all the genetic defects, despite all the obstacles, despite all the ups and downs - that I am strong. Strong enough to run this race. Strong enough to stick to all this training. Strong enough to complete this distance. And I still want that to be the main focus. Just finishing this will be an accomplishment. But the little competive type-A monster that lives within is starting to think more and more about my time and the numbers...

Running is one of those werid sports that is just for you. You compete with yourself for a faster time or a longer distance - those numbers become your measure of success, of progress, of change. So I am beginning to wonder if adding in the time component might just help give the last 5 weeks of training that extra push. I think it might! I am heading into my last month of training...soooo...eeek...I kind of can't believe I am going to do this! But I want to try to run my race in ...drumroll please...

Half Marathon Goal Time = 2 hours

My lovely virtual running coach Michelle (aka NYC Running Mama) insists I should be able to run a sub 1:50 race after my last long run. But I am not completely convinced that this run was not a full on fluke or grave calcuation error. So that statement is a little too bold for me. Race day will be full of nerves, lots of unknowns, mental roadblocks, and head games. So I am going to say the goal is 2 hours and anything less than that is just gravy. Alright the gauntlet has been thrown...

I have 5 weeks left to make this dream a reality.
Wish me luck!
Love your Favourite Darwinain Fail,