Monday, 23 January 2012

Motivation Monday - Week 3

How would I rate my performance last week? Hmmm...I think I would give last week a resounding...Meh. Last week was a struggle. The weather sucked. It was cold, snowy, dreary, and damp here in Toronto. The high winds and sub-freezing temperatures did not exactly leave me anxious to bundle up and hit the streets. I begrudgingly logged my miles, but I felt myself making excuses to cut my runs short and trying to negotiate my schedule to squeeze my miles in another day, always another day.

My head and my heart just wasn't in it. If you ready my last Stay Truthful Thursday post, then you know I was having myself a bit of a pity party last week. I was feeling run down and little overwhelmed. I was having a hard time feeling positive about all that will come to pass, and to be honest I was tired of busting my butt trying to out do my genetic shortcomings.

I needed to step back and regroup. I had Friday off, which was necessary in more ways than one. So I had the chance to stress-clean and stress-bake (aka my two favourite type-A ways of relaxing). I then spent a good portion of my afternoon reading through all of the sweet messages sent to me the day before with a warm heart and tears in my eyes. I can not adequately explain how much all your support has meant to me. With all of you amazing folks rooting for me I promise I will do you proud. I capped off my day with a delightful dinner with my girlfriend Allie and my hubs. We reminisced about our crazy years at university (Allie and I were roomies), and had a laugh about our antics. I needed to cut loose a little, so this was just what the Doctor ordered. I threw caution to the wind. I drank some wine, I ate some cheese, and I indulged in some of my stress baking - and I didn't feel guilty about it. Sometimes a girl just needs a little wine, cheese, and sugar. I did and I loved every second of it.
The City's Snow Covered Sidewalks 
Friday's break allowed me to tackle my long run (18 km or 11.5 miles) with a renewed sense of purpose. I admittedly meant to only run 16-17 km, but got a little lost navigating the side streets of the city. I am still not really sure now I managed it, but I missed my turn some how and ended up running an extra mile before I got myself turned around again. I ran my loop in 2 hrs and 3 minutes, which is bit slower than I wanted since I am hoping to run my full half (21 km) in about that time. But considering this was the first time I ran this type of distance, combined with snow covered sidewalks and my little detour - I feel pretty good about it. I feel especially good about that performance, because I woke up Sunday feeling loose and strong despite my lengthy run. It means I am making progress. It means I am getting stronger. And it means I am only 3 little km shy of reaching my half marathon distance. I am on my way and I have 6 weeks to train for the Big Race and get my body to where I want it.

So I am starting off this week with a fresh sense of commitment. I feeling positive about the strides I am making. There are certain things about the next 6 weeks that I cannot control, but my training isn't one of them. I am in control of how I face the next 6 weeks, and how I tackle my training. I am feeling restored. This is new week and a new beginning. I am leaving "meh" behind and I am going to make this week GREAT!

Let's Do This. Week 3 I am coming for you!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,