Monday, 16 January 2012

Motivation Monday - Week 2

So Week 1 of Half Marathon training has come and gone. And you know what that means...Only 7 more weeks to go people!!

Slugging threw the snow on Friday
And I must confess Week 1 has been an adjustment. It has been crazy cold here in Toronto (note: it was -27 C here on Saturday), thus making the training transition a little difficult. Trying to convince myself to bundle up and log those extra miles has not exactly been easy. But I am committed to my training schedule - so rain, shine, sleet, or snow you will find me pounding the pavement. No seriously. I was out trucking around in a snow storm on Friday. I guess this is why people get gym memberships? Something to keep in mind for my next marathon anyways.

The reality of training is starting to hit home and I was feeling it this morning. I felt exhausted when I woke up. My muscles were feeling fatigued. And I definitely could have stayed curled up snug under my covers and hit the snooze button for a few extra hours this morning. But no one said training for this half was going to be easy. And I suppose deep down that part of the reason I started training for it in the first place. It is supposed to be challenge.

And that challenge has been good for me. Training has been a good place to focus all my unwanted nervous energy. It is hard to think about Dday when I know I have to focus on completing my race first. I want to throw myself into training and stay focused on making progress, getting stronger, and logging miles. Training for this race is meant to target my negative feelings about the asethetic changes to my body, and help me focus on its strength, stamina, and tenacity instead.

His Muscles give me street cred

So I blame this crazy weather combined with my over-eager, excess of energy for allowing me to fall prey to good old fashion peer pressure. Because to stay focused and to stay motivated I kicked off Week 2 with my very first attempt at Crossfit. My buddy Yaw has been talking about this workout for months. Months I tell you! He is a total Crossfit nut! And I think his jacked arms are proof that there just might be something to this. So when he tweeted me last week with a Groupon Deal to join the fun at his gym I decided to take the plunge.

So what does this girlie runner and yoga-regular think of of her first taste of this hard core Crossfit world?
  1. It is super intimidating for a newbie. Yaw practically tripled my timed workout performance, and my ego is still stinging. 
  2. And it is hella hard, but I'll definitely be back! 
This year is all about trying new things. Breaking through barriers.
And coming back stronger and better than ever.

So Week 2 - Let's do this!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,