Monday, 9 January 2012

Motivation Monday is Back

My 8 wk sched is on the fridge!
Hey Friends!

In case you have been busy easing into your own busy routine as we kick off 2012, it is very possible you may have missed some pivitol news on my little blog here. A few major things have happened...

1. D-day (aka my surgery date) has FINALLY at long last been confirmed. Monday March 5th is the day!
2. I have decided to run my very first Half Marathon the day before. Burlington's Chilly Half Marathon Sunday March 4th here I come!

Yes, it is official! I am a registered runner and training has begun! I am excited and absolutely terrified. I have been talking about taking the leap into long distance running for a long time now. So I am throwing myself into training and making this dream of mine a reality.

In the last month-ish I have become part of an amazing online community - Fitfluential. And there are some serious perks to being part of this club. Most notably the amazing network of people who are readily at your disposal. It is those fit and fabulous folks who have spent the last few weeks inspiring me, encouraging me, and counseling me as I take the plunge into training. I have assembled my half marathon dream team which includes the lovely Amanda (aka Miss Zippy) and Michelle (aka NYC Running Mama) who are first and foremost AMAZING. No seriously, these two are like running rockstars. Their pace is unreal. We are talking times this Darwinian Fail can only dream about. Not to mention their serious street cred - Marathons and Ultra status here people!! Serious, serious mileage! And these two running goddess have offered to help me! (*insert a hybrid high pitch squeel of delight and collective sigh of relief*) With this kind of team backing me I can't go wrong!

These two have been helping me develop a quick and dirty 8 week training plan, as well as providing me with some serious moral support as I jump into my training with both feet. EEK! My plan for January is to run 3x a week in the form of 1 long run, 1 short run, and 1 mid-length/tempo run all while gradually uping my mileage as we move closer to the big race. I have joined the Daily Mile to log runs and keep you all up to date on my progress. (*hence the new app on the sidebar over there <----) I am also incorporating 2 hot yoga classes/week as my cross training activity and to help compensate for all the chilly runs I must endure. BRRR it is January in Toronto after all!

And as I embark on my latest and greatest fitness adventure I have decided to bring back trusty Motivation Monday - Marathon Edition to help keep me motivated and accountable. You guys really helped keep me focused during my goal dress journey, and with this lofty goal looming ahead I can use all the help I can get. I have 8 weeks to make this happen. 8 weeks to buckle down and train. 8 weeks til the big race. And 8 weeks till Dday. My timeline is finite, so I need to focus and keep striving for Half Marathon glory.

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail

PS Note: I will also be implementing "Winning Nutrition Wednesdays" posts where I will discuss new recipes and my running nutrition plan during this training period. And "Stay Truthful Thursdays" post where I will update everyone on my weekly running progress. Hope you guys will follow along!