Wednesday, 4 January 2012

D-day has been confirmed

So typical. Life has the be the silliest thing going. I swear. But thankfully I am in on the joke!

No sooner do I go ahead and start making all these grand plans and proclaiming my desire to complete Toronto's Goodlife Half Marathon this upcoming May, than do I get a call from the surgeons. The surgeons, my surgeons, the one's who have been dragging their feet on commiting to a date. Those surgeons. Yes, those surgeons (or rather their secretary) called me today to finally confirm a date. And that date is...

Monday March 5th  (aka D-day)

And while part of me was pleased as punch to finally (FINALLY) have a date to work with. The other part of me was cursing the bad timing of this date and my big half marathon plans. I will be restricted from exercise for the 6-8 weeks after surgery. Thus, ruining any chance of training properly before May 6th.

The irony of this turn of events is not lost on this little soul. I have been bitching and moaning for months now about how "I want a date. I just need to know when things will transpire. I need to plan my life". Then I finally allow myself to accept that whatever will be will be, I start making plans again, and...BAM! They call me. They call me only to tell me that they are throwing a giant monkey wrench in my big plans. GAH!

But NO! You guys didn't think I was going take this lying down did you? Heck no! I am not going to let my half marathon dreams be dashed so quickly. 2012 is going to be my year, remember?!

So I immediately clicked over to the Running Room website to see what kind of half marathon options I had that worked with this new date. And loe and behold up popped the links for "Upcoming Events" and second on the list the Burlington Chilly Half Marathon on Sunday March 4th! Again, irony not lost on me. It was too perfect! This was destined to me my half!

I am not going down without a fight! I am going out on top! I am going lace up my sneakers with new dedication. I am going to train with the utmost commitment. And in 8 weeks I am going to rock my first half marathon. And when I drift off to a drug-induced sleep the following day I will be smiling because I will know that I am strong. Stronger than my genetics. Stronger than this set of circumstances. I will be proud of my body for what it can do and instead of just how it looks.

Let's do this people!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,