Sunday, 4 December 2011

Santa Shuffle Recap

What a great day! What a great race! And what a great way to spend my 27th birthday!

Allie and I Pre-Race
Yesterday I ran the 5km Santa Shuffle (aka my Birthday Race) and I had an amazing time doing it! I convinced my girlfriend Allie and race newbie to join me. And we both ended up totally rocking it out.

The atmosphere was festive, fun, and fabulous! This is the kind of race I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Everyone came dressed in their Christmas attire. There were Santa hats galore, a few ugly Christmas sweaters, not to mention the several people who took the full blown Christmas plunge in elf outfits, Santa suits, and even a Christmas Tu-tu. Everyone was clearly in the holiday spirit! They even had the Christmas carols blaring while Jack Frost and Santa led a pre-race warm up session. And the race wrapped up with cookies, a cup of hot chocolate, and candy canes. This self-professed Christmas junkie could not have picked a better way to kick off 27.
The weather was clear, cool, and perfect for running. There was a little ice on the course to start, but the sun had melted most of it by the time the race was wrapping up. I definitely wore too many layers and under-estimated the effects of the glaring sun. I was carrying my hat, gloves, and scarf as I crossed the finish-line.

Despite my fashion faux pas I still managed to run a great race. I had made myself a silent promise that I wanted to PR my birthday 5k. In the past I have always run a 5k's within the 30-35 minute range, but this race was going to be different. This race had special significance and was just that much more important to me. I promised myself I would run this race in under 30 minutes. And I did just that! I finished in 29:31! YEAH!

This Happy Santa PR'd!
This race was my birthday present to myself. 27 is not going to be an easy year. It is going to be full of big changes and major challenges. But I am making these choices to lead the healthiest and happiest life I can. I am only just beginning this next chapter, but I have already accomplished so much. And running my birthday race at the time I promised myself was my way of proving that my will is stronger and bigger than all my  Darwinian Failures combined. And that despite having to come to terms with this year's upcoming trials and tribulations; I will only come out of this tougher, more tenacious, and having gained a greater appreciation for myself and my journey towards health and wellness. Its a new year and a new me! Nothing is going to hold me back!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,