Friday, 2 December 2011

Pre-Race Prep

I am home from work - after a rather long and dreary week - ready to rest up, hydrate, and carbo-load for the Santa Shuffle tomorrow. My pre-race dinner is a veggie pasta concoction that consists of all the left-over ingredients still inside my fridge at the end of this week. Onions, Olives, Garlic, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Green Pepper, and Spinach, add a dash of olive, and little seasoning, and Viola! You have my pre-race meal.
Yummy Pre-Race Dinner!
  Doing one last weather check so I know how to dress, and it looks like they are calling for clear skies, sun, and whopping 1 degrees C (or 33 degrees for my American friends). So it is definitely going to be chilly, but my winter layers, race bib, and essential Santa Gear is prepped and in place! I am also hopeful that the cool temps will help with my time! Fingers crossed!
I said I would be there with bells on ha!

I am officially getting really excited for tomorrow morning! YAY! I am ready to start 27 off right! This year is all about health, wellness, balance, and creating the fit and fabulous life I want. 
See you all at the starting line tomorrow!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,