Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dangerous December

Cupcakes + Cider! YUM!
December is my favourite month. Along with the constant flow of Christmas cheer, it also happens to be birthday central among my friends and family - my own birthday included. It feels like there is a reason to celebrate every other day, and all this celebrating is one of the reasons I adore this month. The steadily stream of birthdays plus all the usual holiday parties and events means that I get to spend lots of time with all the people I love. Its FABULOUS for my soul, but less than fabulous for my fitness routine.

I have said time and time again that life is too short not to enjoy it. Life can be full of challenges - a reality I am all too aware of. So I believe in loving every minute of it and cherishing these little moments of happiness when they present themselves. And in my opinion nothing beats sharing a nice meal, or a tasty treat, or a glass of wine with your favourite people. I always come away from these celebrations feeling restored, relaxed, and just plain happy! So in that sense I can't fault myself for easily falling prey to December's appeal.

But December can also become a slippery slope, which is what I have discovered this past week. My descent starting last weekend when celebrating my own birthday. While I managed to make health a focus by spending it running my birthday race. I then followed that healthy act up by getting easily carried away with celebratory glasses (note: more like a few bottles) of wine and birthday treats. I indulged by telling myself I earned it and that this meal and this glass would be an exception to the rule. But my descent continued as the week progressed with more family birthdays, my first Christmas party, and an out of town trip to visit great friends this weekend. There was lots more food, more wine, more cocktails, and less time to focus on maintaining my fitness routine.

Needless to say I am kind of starting to notice a trend here. And I could see how this less than stellar week could very easily turn into a less than stellar month. And then there I will be on January 1st feeling bloated, yucky, and probably a couple lbs am putting a stop to this NOW!

I have purchased myself an early Christmas present - a 1 week unlimited pass to my favourite hybrid spin/yoga/body conditioning studio - SPYNGA. This little treat is to help me re-focus on my health and to make daily exercise a priority. This week I am getting back to basics; clean eating, lots of aqua, and early AM workouts to ensure I set aside time during this crazy holiday schedule. This December will be different! PROMISE!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,


  1. I def understand how it's very easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of unhealthy choices but I really love how quickly you realized it and bought yourself the pass! :) You rock chica!

  2. I can SO relate. I always battle with that this time of year too and finding balance. I have DETERMINED this year will be different. Can't go back to old ways. We've worked too hard!

  3. SO TRUE! Don't want to throw away all that hard work! We can make this year different! :)

  4. I can totally relate to what you said! Once I start down the slope, it's SO hard to pull myself out - I won't run for a day or two and then think, heck, if I'm not running, I might as well eat what I want (chocolate, junk food, etc).
    It's awesome that you bought yourself that present - hope you have a great time in the classes!!

  5. I'm with you, Krysten! Last week was not my best, health-wise. December is filled with multiple birthdays in my circle (not my own, but, again, Happy Birthday to YOU!), and the cold weather + Holiday spirit make me more inclined to (a) bake for friends and family, (b) go out to eat--being social and catching up with people, and (c) drink, which is something I try to reserve for special occasions, but it seems like the entire month is full of birthday and holiday parties!

    Just like you, I committed to making this week a better one. I food shopped for healthy choices in the kitchen and committed to focusing on my work. Indulges in food and drink will be reserved for a select few pre-selected dates later in the month. It's a holidaY, singular--not a month-long party!

    Enjoy your SPYNGA this week; sounds like an awesome way to refocus on your health.