Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Winning Wednesday

The Fall Colours on my way home
Today the car went in for winter maintenance. Nothing fancy just the standard oil change, fluid top-up, tire rotation, and a general once over. Why am I sharing this incredibly mundane information on my blog, you may ask?! Well, because having the car in the shop forced me to find another way to work. I took the bus in the AM, but decided to use being car-less as a way to squeeze in a longer run. I was multi-tasking! I brought my running gear to work and used my commute as my running route for today. Yep, that's right I ran home from the office. 

It actually ended up being a great run! The weather was definitely on the cool side - winter is coming! But these are the temps I LOVE!! And  ideal for my defective little ticker, because my heart rate runs lower when it is cold outside. The fall colours were in full effect; making the run very peaceful and picturesque. And it was actually incredibly efficient as well. It took me 68 minutes to get to work this morning using public transit. But tonight I ran home in just 59 technically I shaved an extra 9 minutes off my commute and get my daily dose of fitness in as well. I am not sure if this speaks to my stellar running skills or provides a scathing review of the Toronto Public Transit System... maybe both.

Either way it was good day! Dare I call it a "Winning Wednesday"?! (*you know I could not resist creating an alliteration*) My Goal Dress Journey is coming to a close (stay tuned for my final "Stay Truthful Thursday" to get the full report) but today I was really proud of my body. Not for any aesthetic reasons, but for its STRENGTH! I was proud of what my body could do! I was proud of my stamina and my energy. I was proud of my dedication! And I was proud of my 10 km time! Hence that happy smile in that picture on the right and the excessive use of exclamation points. I am making progress on this journey and for that I am thankful, happy, and PROUD!

So tonight I will be curling up with a bowl of split pea soup and a good book - basking in my post-run glow. All while thanking this genetically defective body of mine for serving me well. I plan to harness this new found tenacity as I begin my next journey...I am attempting HALF MARATHON GLORY!!! Yep I said it! 2012 I am coming for ya! Wish me luck!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,