Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stay Truthful Thursday #3

Making Lunch! Look at those great ingredients!
 This week has been all about planning and using the right tools to help me reach my goal. ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT until Krysten's Goal Dress journey comes to end! So I am really trying to kick it up a notch!

So far this week has be going SUPER well! I have been sticking to my nutrition plan, by doing just that...planning! I bought groceries at the beginning of the week and created a fabulous nutritious but delicious meal plan. I have also been keep a food log, something I haven't done since my original slim down almost 6 years ago. Its time consuming, but if you are honest it is easy to see where you are struggling. My usual pitfall is lunch. Mostly because I get lazy in the evenings and don't pack a proper meal - leaving me hungry and scrambling as the day progresses...not great. So this week I packed my lunch right after dinner to ensure I stuck with my program. My favourite lunch this week: Chicken, Apple, and Brie on a whole wheat Panini.  YUMMY!!

The tools for my weight training program
Things on the exercise front are going well too! YEAH! I am trying to make up for last week's flub, so I stuck religiously to my Motivation Monday plan. I completed 2 Strength Training workouts, 1 Spin Class, and an early morning 5 km Run this morning. My legs are feeling the burn and I dare I say there might even be a very faint outline of abs developing??!! Slight...very slight...but a triumph none the less!

So in short I am generally feeling good about how this week has been progressing. Its is important that I keep focused as the weekend approaches though. We have planned dinner out with friends on Friday and we have birthday party Saturday - social engagements are my WISH ME LUCK! Send me helpful fit vibes!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,