Sunday, 27 November 2011

Recouped, Rested, and Ready

Gran's Carrot Cake
I have been battling a cold this past week. The typical stuffy nose, sore throat, and yucky cough. BLAH!

This cold definitely affected my energy levels. I must confess I didn't accomplish much fitness wise, while also being relatively lazy about my meal planning and nutrition. But this weekend has been all about recouping, resting, and getting ready for the week ahead. My sniffles have subsided and I am ready to jump back into my usual training routine with gusto.

I spent this weekend enjoying an early birthday celebration surrounded by family, relishing in the quality time spent with my husband, and generally feeling special and loved! (*insert blissful sigh here*) I definitely had way too much wine last night and a very large piece of that carrot cake you see over there. But even with my calorie pitfalls - this weekend was so worth it. I know I am spoiled. And I spent this weekend reveling in all the things that I am grateful for. Embracing this crazy beautiful life of my mine and reminding myself to focus on all the positive things I have to be thankful for is all part of my master plan. This weekend was one small step towards starting this year off right, because

"You cannot be grateful and bitter. You cannot be grateful and unhappy. You cannot be grateful and without hope. You cannot be grateful and unloving. So just be GRATEFUL!"

 Clementines, Pomegranate + Grapples
 And after this weekend I am. After a much needed break I am ready to jump back into this zany journey with both feet. This sleepy Sunday has been the perfect day to prep for the upcoming week. My training schedule has been laid out and my nutrition plan is primed for my race next Saturday. I have even managed to convince one of my girlfriends to join me for this chilly 5K birthday run. So keep you fingers crossed that the snow holds out for us next weekend.

Snowy or not though - I am really looking forward to the week ahead and starting this year off with a *Bang*! 2012 is going to be full of changes, challenges, and struggles. But these experience are all part of this fascinating and charming thing called life. And I wouldn't change a thing!

Sometimes a restful weekend is just what the doctor ordered! 
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,