Monday, 21 November 2011

My New Post-Workout Buddy

Now that Operation Goal Dress is complete I am working on maintaining my new found level of fitness as I creep closer to a surgery date and the inevitable recovery process. It fairly well documented that the healthier and stronger you are going into to surgery the quicker you are able to bounce back. And I am definitely hoping for a speedy recovery. So staying on track during the next month or so is more important than ever before. 2012 is going to be my year of health and wellness!

Me and my Moose Post-Workout
So with that in mind I plan to continue lacing up my sneaks despite the colder weather. The drop in temperature this week combined with the fact that I probably have the sweetest husband ever, has allowed me to discover the ultimate post-winter-workout recovery tool... My Warm Buddy! Don't be fooled by his ordinary Moose like appearance, he is much more than that. Deep within the Velcro pocket on his back is a soothing bean bag that can either be heated in microwave or frozen to ease sore muscles post-workout. Plus its adorable!! You can't go wrong! I am officially obsessed and completely addicted. Morris the Moose is my new post-workout ritual!

Moose-y exterior
 I often get swelling in my left arm. Its a residual side-effect from my second surgery. I  had surgery number 2 a little over a year after my original ICD implantation because one of the sensing wires - used to monitor my heart rate and deliver therapy broke (Dag-Nabit!). While my body of recouping; it got a little over zealous and a blood clot formed around the new wire. The blood clot was an unforeseen consequence of that little tune-up, and it has left me with one perpetually swollen arm. I have tried a million and one things to try to fix it including, a 6 month stint on blood-thinners - but to no avail. The only thing that really helps...applying heat! Which makes sense since heat is suppose to help increase circulation. I have been applying heat ever since, and often use my ratty old bean bag to help mitigate my sore muscles after any vigorous training. Knowing all this my always amazing husband found this fabulous Canadian website that carries these little gems and surprised me with it last week.
Soothing Beanbag interior

Like I said I am deeply in love with this product - VERY FUN!! I just could not resist sharing. So if you are looking for something cute and cuddly but also super practical for your post-workout recovery like me, then I promise you will love getting a hug from these guys!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,