Sunday, 6 November 2011

Motivation Monday #3

Work in progress
Its that time again people...we are half way through Krysten's Goal Dress Journey. Which is slightly scary, because that means these next two weeks are going to require some serious dedication. The picture to the left is a sneak peak showing where I am so far...Still some work to be done, needless to say. So its all about clean eating and sticking to my exercise plan as much as possible.

As I mentioned in my most recent Stay Truthful Thursday post - last week sucked! I clearly did not meet any of my goals for last week. I managed to get in one whopping workout all week. That is bad for me, even without the pressure of a goal dress and my Motivation Mondays. Admittedly there were circumstances beyond my control, but *sigh* I feel like this week was basically a complete wash. BLAH! Yep its Monday...In other words, Motivation Monday is a serious MUST this week! So this week along with planning out my exercise routine I am also paying careful attention to my diet, and carving out a balance that works - genetic shortcomings and all.

By balance, I mean regaining a little bit of perspective, and reminding myself of the title of my very own little blog. Note to Self: That's "Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail", yes Krysten that means you! Remember!? You are the "Darwinian Fail". You have a heart condition. I know its been almost a decade since you were diagnosed, but that heart condition didn't go away. So if leading a healthy lifestyle is sooo important to you than it is important to listen to your body. Recognize your limitations, all while striving to be better. A more balanced approach and attitude is probably required. Got it?!

Okay, okay I got it! JEEZE!

So on that note, this week I will obviously be doing less cardio, because know. But I will be increasing my strength training work, since that is great for boosting the metabolism and toning up those problem areas *ahem* (as my lovely twitter friends so kindly reminded me - THANKS GUYS!). And it is less taxing on the old ticker (its a win-win). I will also be adding in some yoga, because I need to RELAX and take a moment to be thankful for this defective body of mine. So in honour of this new found mindset, the plan for this week is as follows...

Monday - Strength Training 45 min
Tuesday - 1 hr Endurance Spin Class
Wednesday - Strength Training 45 min
Thursday - 5 km
Friday - REST
Saturday - Yoga Class
Sunday - 10 km Run

While I am still striving to incorporate exercise into my daily routine most days, I think this routine is probably better suited to harmonize my desire for a healthy lifestyle, a rockin' bod, with the my genetic limitations. So this weeks mission: Find the Balance!

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,