Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Holiday Conundrum

Just a small sample of the sparkle
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I recently wrote a guest post for the my lovely and fabulous friend at The Orange Mask about the Holidays and creating a fool-proof Holly Jolly Battleplan, and ever since I have been giving the holidays some serious thought. With D-day planned for the New Year, I feel like I need to stay much more focused on my health and fitness routine during this slippery dietary slope, that is Christmas

My tree is up and decorated. And there is Christmas sparkle overload going on in my little (but very festive) apartment. And in preperation of this joyous season I have been reading all my favouirte fitness magazines for advice and fresh ideas on the subject. It seems like it all depends on who you talk to - some say the copious amounts of food we ingest is to blame, and others say its the sedentary lifestyle we end up embracing during this season. And as for me, well...I say its both! Christmas is all about cuddling up inside, surrounding by friends and family, and showing each other how much we care by sharing an endless array of food.(at least that is how I spend my Christmas)

So this year I am trying to be honest with myself about my festive pitfalls. I HATE the typical Christmas meal (I know, I know...but I do!). Turkey - blah! Stuffing - ummm no thanks! Gravy and Cranberries - just not my thing. In other words I know the problem is not the actual meal itself. My problem is all the "other stuff". You know what I am talking about! The good stuff! The cookies, the cheeseballs, the wine, the eggnog, the big Christmas breakfast - all that stuff! All the treats I justify by saying "I only get them once a year, and because I only get them once a year I had better eat enough to make my stomach burst"! Yep...I am pretty sure that is a big part of the problem. So I started doing some googling to investigate the caloric-ramafications of these holiday treats during my 3 days of Christmas (yep you read that right). Here are my top 5...

Peanut butter balls!!
Peanut Butter Balls
Oh how I adore these! I pop a couple of these in my mouth everytime I walk past a plate. Or at least I did until I discovered that one measely ball is responsible for 103 calories and 8 grams of fat! NOOOOOO! That means when I stuff my face with the usual 15 during the course of our holiday extravaganza I have ingested 1545 extra calories - approximately an extra day's worth of calories! WHAT?! Oh and not too mention the 120 extra grams of fat!

Christmas Cinnamon Buns
We have Cinnamon Bun on Christmas morning and Boxing Day. They are a family tradition. They are sweet and make the whole house smell amazing. They are also 400-600 calories per bun! ARGH! So we'll call that an extra 1000 calories for good measure.

Confession: Mine have more icing!
Gingerbread Cookies
No holiday season is complete with out them! And I love those silly little men smothered in icing. If you feel the same than you may not want to know that these delicious cookies will set you back 160 calories each. I would guess I eat 5 over the 3 days I am at home, so only an extra 800 calories there! EEK! Things are really adding up, aren't they?!?

The Cheeseball
I am a self-proclaimed cheese snob and lover. I can eat cheese any time and any place, so when the cheeseballs are in season I have a field day. The googling I did says that a proper serving size from an herb and garlic cheeseball weighs in at 110 calories and 8 grams of fat. I can tell you I do not stick to the serving probably another 770 calories in cheese alone!!

Spider Cookies
Last but not least, these perfectly crunchy and chocolately creations always make me weak in willpower. Luckily these little treats are probably the best of the bunch at only 86 calories per cookie. YES! FINALLY! But I also probably end up eating half a dozen, so that still 516 extra cals!

So in total my top 5 treats add up to...drum-roll please... (remember this number does not reflect any real meals or wine)...4631 calories! in other words 3 full days of extra calories! BLAH! That is one seriously depressing calorie tabulation! Not to mention that to burn it all off would require doing 14 hours of jazzercise...which I won't be fitting in over the holidays. Or 9 hours of vigorous running...also probably not very likely to happen. So what to do? How do you solve this dreaded holiday conundrum??!!

I cannot give up all my holiday just wouldn't be Christmas without them! Admittedly I am generally of the opinion that food is awesome and I like to eat it! I also feel like for the most part my diet is pretty balanced, so when there is a special occasion I should be allowed to relax, indulge, and enjoy without feeling much guilt. But since I generally eat the way we just discussed and throw my exercise routine out the window, I am beginning to think that this might not necessarily be a great plan this year.There will need to be a balance. So I have promised myself that I will squeeze in 1 hour of running daily (despite the fact that my family will look at me like I have 4 heads) so then I can justify enjoying 560 calories worth of treats, but not start the new year with a few extra LBS! YEAH! Everybody wins!

So let's find a balance this holiday season! Be healthy and enjoy!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,