Thursday, 27 October 2011

Stay Truthful Thursdays

Welcome to my very first "Stay Truthful Thursday". Why Thursdays? (besides the fact that I obviously love alliterations) Well Thursday tends to be the day I fall off the exercise wagon. Thursdays are close to Fridays, which is dangerously close to the weekend. Meaning: Krysten is tired, wants to sleep in and drink wine, and is no longer interested in packing healthy lunches and making time for lengthy workouts. So basically Thursdays are the day life gets to me. I start to make excuses, and justify unhealthy choices, which tends to lead to more unhealthy choices, which leads to a guilty Monday, and know how it goes. So the point of "Stay Truthful Thursdays" is to honestly assess my progress and my goals for the rest of week (aka the weekend - my dreaded dietary/exercise nemesis). And to help keep me motivated during the next 4 weeks on my journey to the Goal Dress.

Okay people so here it is...drumroll please...I have completed 4 out of 4 workouts so far! YEAH! And I am down 3 lbs! DOUBLE YEAH! Motivation Monday has really rocked my world this week! So far this week I have run 2x 5 km, done 1 strength training workout for 45 min., and taken a 1 hour endurance spin class. Not too shabby! But yes I do realize that is not exactly the schedule I laid out on Monday. Pretty close, but not quite. I tweaked some things as the week went along, but the tweaks were necessary to help me organize my workout world with the rest of my world, so I think I am okay it.

In terms of the rest of the week I have also decided to forgo the 6 AM Bootcamp class tomorrow morning. My thighs and abs are quite sore - that good sore that means they got a workout, but sore none the less. But I am planning to do my own strength training workout instead, just not at the ungodly hour of 6 AM. I am just not up for the bootcamp intensity tomorrow, so a change is a must. I also plan to go for a long run -10 km to be exact. The 10 km is looking like it might be Sunday vs Saturday though, because the weather sucks in Canada right now and I would prefer not to run in the rain. Anyways folks that is the plan.

That and to avoid the wine tomorrow...just keep thinking goal dress!
Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,