Sunday, 23 October 2011

Genetics Sure Can be Beautiful...

I mentioned in my last post that pregnancies and babies have started to become a regular staple in the lives of the people that surround me. And this weekend was no exception. So much so that I have dubbed it "Baby Fest". We spent Friday night welcoming a friends brand new baby to the world, and my Saturday afternoon was spent with my favourite pint-sized gal - Baby Jayden. I definitely got my baby fill, and was left with a little food for thought as well.

Probably because I have been married for a few years now (3+ in fact), I often get asked where we stand on the baby question. And to be honest I do not know. The short answer is; that right now in my current life, with my current health situation, life is not conducive to pregnancy and babies. The long answer is; that I know I want to be a Mommy one day, but my health is complicated, my genes suck, and I know that the baby journey is going to be a hard and complicated one. So complicated in fact, that I actually can't even fathom it. It is simply a struggle for another day, and another time.

On that note, however, this weekend has left me feeling inspired. I dedicate a lot of space on my little blog to genetics. And I speak both candidly and negatively about my own genes. I have even gone so far in the past to dub them my Nemesis. So it is no secret, if you have been reading my blog, that Krysten definitely drew the short straw when she was picking genes (a couple of times). But this weekend has left me marveling at the allure of genetics. Because genetics sure can be beautiful... when they want to be.

All weekend I have been surrounded by these little miracles and the strong women who care for and created them. As I a stole a quite moment alone in the kitchen with princess Jayden, I found myself looking at this amazing little being, staring out at the world with her big bright eyes, filled with so much hope and promise, as a perfect example of matriclinous beauty. I was instantly struck by the perfect symmetry and elegance of the genetic code. It is amazing to see what our bodies are capable of creating. And it is inspiring to recognize as a woman the strength and power our body possesses.

My faith in genetics has been restored. And I plan to harness my new found appreciation for the female form and our inner fortitude while I face my next great challenge. So Thank you Baby Jayden (and her amazing parents) for a great Saturday play date, and a much needed reminder and inspiration!  

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,