Monday, 17 October 2011

Bachelorette Weekend = Diet Fail

In the interest of full disclosure and blog-o-sphere honesty . Immediately after my lengthy post regarding striving for my ideal running weight, my diet ran off the rails. I am chucking this weekend up to a loss and starting fresh...NOW!

One of best friends (Erin) is getting married November 19th and this past weekend was her Bachelorette weekend. Now as far as bachelorette parties go, I don't think we got too crazy. It would probably be considered pretty tame by most people's standands. It was just a nice girls-only weekend which happened to include the spa, gab-fests, several bottles of wine and champagne, a delicious asian-fusion dinner out, and a whole lot of junk food (chips + dip = Krysten's weakness).

This weekend made for an AMAZING time with the girls, something I absolutely adore because all of my best girlfriends live outside the city. Most of them living about 2 hrs away, in fact. Thus making it hard to get my girlie-fix in as often as I would like. So that obviously also meant I easily got really wrapped up in our girlie fun, threw caution to the wind, and threw my diet and exercise plan out the window. OOOOPPS!

Its Monday again, the official start to the week and the official re-start to operation "Achieve Optimal Running Weight". Its a work in progress people.

Love your Favourite Darwinian Fail,