Sunday, 18 September 2011

To Run or Not to Run on Vacation...that is the Question

Ready for Vaca!
So will all this talk of injuries, body image issues, running, and impending surgeries I have completely forgotten to mention the fact that this week I am going on VACATION! Yes, people it is true. I will be leaving you all for a whopping 2 weeks while I travel around the Italian country-side with my husband. (*insert blissful sigh here*) We decided we would take my boobies on one last vacation before they officially get the boot.

I think secretly my husband hopes that if we take a timeout from the stress of our regular life he'll be able to spend more quality time with a slightly less crazy Krysten. And I fully admit to being fairly neurotic over the last few months. I also think there is very strong possibly his plan will be successful. A BREAK IS VERY MUCH NEEDED!

I plan to spend the next two weeks eating amazing food, drinking lots of wine, and absorbing as much Italian culture and history as possible. The question I have been grappling with is whether or not I should plan to run while I am on vacation?

I think with the excess of food and wine I plan to indulge in over the course of our escape - exercise is probably a MUST. I know we will be very active while we are away because along with our feet being our primary mode of transportation we have also planned a couple biking tours, a horseback riding excursion, and several treks up to the top of various towers and basilicas. So I am unsure how motivated I will be wake up early, toss on my sneaks, and run around completely foreign locations all by my lonesome.

Adding to my conundrum is the fact that my husband has convinced me that because we are traveling between cities while we are over there; Backpacking is apparently the way to go. We won't have to worry about lugging any large pieces of luggage down cobblestone streets or checking our bags en route to new locations, but space will be at a premium.  So the space I have for packing said sneakers is less than ideal as well, so I have had to think long and hard about the Running Question...

 The Sneaks got a primo spot in my little Backpack
In the end I have decided - I can't run if I don't pack my shoes, and I didn't feel comfortable completely eliminating that option. Running always work wonders to clear my head and silence all the negative self-talk that so often ends up swirling around in between my ears. And since the ultimate goal of this vacation is to restore a sense of balance, maybe making time for a few short runs is just what the doctor ordered. So there they are! My bright blue sneaks stowed safely in my backpack ready for a invigorating, rejuvenating run through the Tuscan country side.

On that note I leave you all. I will be leaving my blackberry and laptop behind in hopes of leaving this world and my worries behind. So... 

Addio Amici! Ci vediamo in 2 settimane!
Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,

(*PS the Italian translate to - Goodbye Friends! See you in 2 weeks*)