Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Rainy Run

Soaked and Happy Post-Run
I had BIG plans this morning after proclaiming my re-commitment to my genetic battle strategy. I made myself a nutritious dinner, packed a good lunch, and set my alarm clock for 5:45 AM to ensure I had time to run and eat a healthy breakfast before work. I jumped out of bed with some serious vigor when my alarm went off, only to be thwarted by a dead battery in my heart rate monitor. UGH!

 Those of you who have read my early posts know that I NEVER run without my heart rate monitor. Running and I have a love hate relationship, and I think for some twisted reason I LOVE running because it hates me. My arrhythmia means my heart rate runs really high and I need to ensure that my heart rate stays below 200 bpm. That may seem like an easy task to you "normal" runners, but for this Darwinian Fail it is easier said than done - especially during long runs and uphill.Needless to say my morning run didn't happen.

Yep 112 is a pretty normal resting rate

 I was determined to my run in today though. I have been itching to lace up my sneakers lately, especially now that my ankle is finally on the mend. So I spent several hours after work trying to find a place that had the right battery for my heart rate monitor. And was still open at 7:00 PM which was when I realized that I had forgotten to rectify the problem earlier in the day. After some frantic Googling and a few panic-stricken phone calls I found a Shoppers Drug Mart that carried it. And at 8:20 PM with a fully functioning heart rate monitor I head out the door into the rain and started my run. SUCCESS!!

That run felt as AMAZING as I hoped it would, and I am sure I was smiling like a goof as I ran past people on Yonge St. I ran 4 km, my second run attempt since my stress fracture. My pace sucked, my ankle is still not 100%, and I am soaked. BUT DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!

Love Your Favourite Darwinian Fail,