Monday, 19 September 2011

A Few Housekeeping Items...

Before we head out tomorrow for our big Italian Adventure  certain things must be done. There are always those last minute housekeeping items that nag at you to be completed before you can even dream of relaxing, so tonight has been dedicated to those nit-picky things...

1. Clean Out the Fridge
I threw all of my fresh vegetables and assorted left over ingredients into a delicious and nutritious veggie stirfry. Healthy Meal - Check! Empty Fridge - Check!

2. Prepare the Pup
Warm, Dry, and Ready To Go!
Clark (my amazing pup) is the only thing I have reservations about when it comes to this vacation. We are ditching him for 2 weeks, which as silly as it may seem makes me incredibly sad. (*you'll understand if your a dog-lover. They really are man's best friend!*) And tomorrow night after work we are trucking him down to his puppy-grandparents for his own personal vacation in the country. So naturally he needed a bath and all of his many accessories need to be packed. Bath - Check! Pup Ready -Check!

3. Cancel YMCA Membership (aka ankle rehab)
I am not a gym person, at least not in the traditional sense. In fact I HATE them! I realized this long ago when I got locked into a year-long Extreme Fitness membership after one lofty New Year's Resolution and probably used it approx 14 times. Definitely not worth the $65/month I was shelling out through the monthly pre-planned payments debited to my VISA. Lesson learned! But during my recent ankle injury a pool was required for rehab and strength training, so I got myself a membership to the YMCA. Needless to say; gyms are still not my thing. And the vast quantities of elderly patrons who seems to have no qualms with nudity, also did nothing to sway my opinion. This month long membership was not used very much (especially once my ankle improved) so it needed to be officially cancelled ASAP.

3. Finish Packing and Prepare all last minute things
This means contacts, medicine, PJ's (which I realized this morning I forgot to pack initially), camera, charger, and my newly updated Ipod. My Ipod is a must-have for runs through the Italian country-side, because despite how awe-inspiring the views are sure to be I am one of those people who cannot run without music. Music amps me up, gets me moving, and helps me clear my head. And I love me some sugary-sweet, girly, pop (I know, I know, I know...I wish I could say I listen to something super trendy and hip...but I don't). I think this stems from my being a result of the Spice Girls generation. I just love a good girl-power pop ballad. So the Ipod is charged and ready to rock.

Last Pre-Vaca Run
4. Go for One Last Run 
Check, Check, and Check! In the rain and all!

So that's it that's all people! I am outta here! I am trading the mean cold streets of TO for the picturesque landscape of Tuscany. I will be incommunicado until Oct 5th....but get excited for my 3 part Italian Vaca Expose
*Fabulous Sights

Amici addio! Mi mancherai!
Love your favourite Darwinian Fail,