Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Because I am wrong in all the RIGHT ways...

I woke up extra early this morning and hit a 6:30 AM spin class. This morning was rainy and dreary, and it was looking about as cheery as I felt. I had an early appointment scheduled to meet with my plastic surgeon to OFFICALLY sign the paperwork to toast the titties, so I knew a little endorphine kick would probably go a long way today.

I was RIGHT! Not only did it feel good to give my body a good butt-kick and take out a little frustration first thing in the AM, but the class ended with Pink's "Raise Your Glass". As I was spinning my heart out (probably literally ba-dum-bum) her lyrics "So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways, all my Underdogs" felt like it was written for me. It is definitely today's official theme song.

Today as I sat in my thin, little, blue hospital gown getting my boobs measured for implants and going over the nitty-gitty details of my upcoming mastectomy, and deciding how we are going to accomplish all these things while also accomodating my already existing pacemaker - I thought about how easy it would be to get wrapped up in all the ways my body is wrong. It would be so easy to think negatively about my genetics and this whole situation. But for all the ways I am WRONG these experiences have helped make me...ME. And the me that is RIGHT is able to see that. So as I signed away my breasts, and signed up for a bilateral mastectomy with an alloderm reconstruction I raised my glass for being wrong in all the right ways, and walked out with a smile.

Love your favourite Darwinian Fail,