Sunday, 10 July 2011

Snowball Effect

In many of previous blog posts I have acknowledged my personal struggle with my extreme type-A personality, and my battle to find a balance in all areas of my life. Since I have begun chronicling my experiences it has become even more apparent that I tend to take this all-or-nothing stance on most things, and especially with diet and exercise.

Spynga Studio - Hybrid Spin and Yoga Class
This approach can have negative effects and it easily leads me into temptation, because when I indulge whether it be with munchies at a summer BBQ, with a slice of birthday cake, or with more than a few glasses of vino I tend to throw caution to wind and self-control out the window. The need to be perfect or nothing at all probably ends up causing me to indulge more than I would if I just accepted a more balanced lifestyle. I have realized that while from a rational stand point I understand how unhealthy this approach can be, it is a part of my personality, and it is an energy that can be harnessed to payoff.

This weekend is the perfect example of how my all-or-nothing approach can snowball into a positive end. I woke up early Saturday morning and hit a total body conditioning boot camp class at my latest obsession - Spynga Studios. Spynga is a hybrid spin/yoga/muscle conditioning studio that offers unique hybrid classes that really push your body and helps fight boredom. I got my butt-kicked and the class really pushed me physically, but I felt amazing post-workout.

By making this healthy choice and knowing I spent my Saturday morning working on my body I continued to make healthy choices throughout the rest of day. I came home had a healthy and delicious breakfast which lead to another positive choice for lunch, and others as the day progressed. All of which resulted in a balanced day. Every healthy choice snowballed into another, and I was able to use my type-A perspective to keep me on point. I want to use this energy to generate constructive results by focusing on turning one healthy choice into another, rather than through an extreme absolute attitude. So I am going to embrace the Chinese Proverb that says, "to get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping". Wish me luck!

Love your favourite Darwinian Fail,