Monday, 11 July 2011

Dear Defective Body

I am annoyed, I am frustrated, and I am feeling some serious self-hatred toward this defective body of mine.

Over the past month I have started the long and arduous process to have a mastectomy/reconstruction surgery as a preventative measure for my recently identified BRCA 1 gene. The only problem being that the treatment of one genetic defect keeps getting stumped by the pre-existing treatment of another.

My body poses a bit of a conundrum for most of the doctors that I meet, and it is beginning to feel like the complications just keep adding up. I've met with the oncologist, the plastic surgeon, and my whole cardio team and I am still no closer to finding a fully workable solution. Because I have to meet with all of these specialists separately neither of them can figure out exactly how one area effects another and the consequences of it all. Given that most pacemaker recipients are typically retirees and the elderly, these same folks aren't exactly lining up for boob jobs - making me a unique little medical marvel. Unfortunately the novelty has worn off for me, and I would love for this to be easier.

The decision to go down this road was not exactly what I would call a "cinch", so I would love this process to start being more straightforward. And more than anything else I would love for my body to be less complicated and less demanding. So this is an open plea to my defective body; stop being such an obstacle, stop being such a struggle, and sort yourself out!

Love your favourite Darwinian Fail,

PS I am totally going to beat you into submission tomorrow morning on my run!